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Rotary fillers in the industry :

A rotary filling machine is a packaging machine designed for the automatic or semi-automatic filling of various types of products.

Types of use

Using a volumetric or weight filling system, providing dosing accuracy, the machine performs rotary filling of :

– Viscous products
– Liquid products
– Cosmetic products
– Chemical products
– Pharmaceutical products (syrup, etc.)
– Food products (fruit juice, milk, yoghurt, …)

Types of packaging

Examples of packaging possibilities :

– Cans
– Vials, ampoules, vials
– Tubes
– Cup, jars
– PET / glass bottles
– Cans, buckets

How it works

The principle is simple. Packages are placed upstream on a conveyor system. The conveyor brings empty packages to the filling station. These are placed on a rotating wheel / crown. The packaging can be placed freely, held by pressure or grasped from the top.

The rotation of the wheel allows two filling methods. Containers can be presented one by one in front of each filling station and filling head. The process is as follows: filling, sealing, labelling, evacuation.

It can also allow continuous filling of the package if the spouts are attached to it. Filling will be carried out during the complete rotation of the wheel. The container will then be evacuated by a conveyor system to the other stations of the production line.

Dosing is performed according to the weight or volume of the product to fill. These technical specifications should be provided directly on the dashboard of the dosing and filling machine.

In contrast to a linear filler, which performs the work sequentially, the rotary filler operates sequentially or continuously. This results in higher efficiency. In addition, these machines allow simple and fast format switching.

An automatic rotary filler or semi-automatic filler is usually associated with a sealing machine or unit. Depending on the packaging, it can be a capper, a screwer, a capping machine or a sealing machine.

Purchase and sale of second-hand rotary filling machines

Buying a used machine remains a high investment for some companies. Prices vary depending on the condition, make, location and year of manufacture of the machine.

Osertech offers a selection of available and functional, ready-to-use filling machines to satisfy the needs of any type of budget.