ADIGE tube cutting machine

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ADIGE tube cutting machine

Size capabilities :

Round tube diam. 12 to 80 mm.
Square tube 12 x 12 to 70 x 70 mm.
Rectangular tube max. 80 x 70 mm.
Length 150 mm to 3000 mm (cutting only and rear discharge 4500mm).
Max. weight 7 Kg / m.
Max. weight of cut piece 20 Kg.
Max. bar weight 50 Kg.
Strap loading magazine for tubes with a 5-support structure, suitable for loading tubes with round section diam. from 12 to 80 mm, square from 12×12 to 70×70 mm, rectangular from 12×12 to 80×70 mm and for solid bars diam. from 12 to 30 mm. Length of loadable tubes or bars :

from 2000 to 6500 mm, for max. loading.

of 4000 Kg (for bars with a length of 6500 mm).

Automatic hydraulic sawing machine TT640,

Cutting capacity; round diam. min 12mm diam. max 80mm; square min 12x12mm max 70x70mm, rectangular min 12x12mm max 80x70mm; solid round diam. min 12 max 30mm; cutting length from 50 to 4500 mm.

Automatic brush deburring machine ADIGE HP, suitable to be connected to the sawing machine ADIGE TT640, for deburring both ends of round, square or rectangular section tubes. Max. piece weight 7 Kg. Group of manually adjustable brush holder units. Brush motor power 2 x 7,5 Kw. Chain feed with adjustable feed speed by variator. Max. working length 3000 mm.

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