AL-KO – PU 250 / 300

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Autonomous dust collector: 2 units available: AL-KO – Power Unit 250 and 300

Efficient and economical: large capacity compressed air tank with quick-change diaphragm valve for efficient cleaning of the OPTI JET® filter and very low compressed air consumption.

Simple and effective: OPTI JET® cleaning and filtering with spring loaded closing device.

Extremely economical: Efficient IE2-compliant drives.

Safe in all cases: easy to maintain automatic extinguishing system

Calm personified: the soundproofed air return of AL-KO.

There are many options: from machine detection to drawer control to operating mode controlled by
frequency converter to name just three examples.

Nothing falls by the wayside: drip tray with inspection window.

Practical down to the last detail: bin locking with ergonomically shaped clamping lever.

Can be extended at a later date: can be converted to discharge via briquetting press or rotary lock

The OPTI-JET principle differs from other solutions in that it works with air flows only.

The impure air is sucked in, the dust and residues sucked in are deposited on the filters, forming a kind of filter crust that is regularly knocked down by injecting a powerful and fast reverse flow of compressed air. Inherent effect: this water hammer lasts about 0.1 seconds and takes advantage of existing air flows; only 1/7 of the compressed air that can be generated by the compressor is therefore sufficient. – This significantly reduces the energy consumption required for filter cleaning and proves once again the superiority of AL-KO’s OPTI-JET compared to other systems and the old shaking technology.

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