Eurotherm – Cooking oven / heat chamber

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Cooking oven ground type (electric)

Max temperature: 250°C

Heating is carried out by convection with forced air recirculation through ducts with adequate technical characteristics.
The internal air distribution ducts are made of galvanised sheet metal in order to limit the risk of oxidation.

Thermal units used are electric.

The structure of the oven is made up of internal/external modular panels in folded sheet metal assembled and fitted together.

Layers of rock wool, high density with a thickness of 150 mm are inserted inside the panels, afin to optimize the insulation and get an effective barrier against dispersion calorifique.

The heat generator with electric resistors is positioned inside the roof oven on two sides.

The forced air circulation in the kiln is provided by the action of the centrifugal electro-fan positioned inside the kiln with a movement of
reciprocal “oven – exchanger”.

The hot vapours are extracted by sampling and conveyed to a passage designed for this purpose, fitted with a

– Useful dimensions :
2400 mm width
5300 mm depth
2350 mm height

– Useful volume: 32.7 m3

– External dimensions (solution with motors and roof resistors) :
3.206 mm width
6.150 mm depth
3,010 mm height

– Doors (Entrance and exit): N.2 A double leafed
– Working temperature: 180 / 250°C
– Temperature accuracy: approx. 5°C to 150°C / approx. 10°C to 250°C

– No. Thermal unit: 2
– Type of heating: A electric resistances
– Total power: 55 + 55 kW
*For 180°C: 35+35 kW
*For250°C: 20+20 kW

Rise time in T° at no load (with 70 Kw) :
80°C -> 21 min
120°C -> 33 min
150°C -> 40 min
180°C -> 48 min

– Power supply: 3 x 380 V
– Total ventilation air flow rate: 12,006 m3/h
– Electric motor power: 2 x 2.2 kW
– Thickness of double-skin sandwich walls with intermediate insulation: 150 mm
– Type of insulation: rock wool
– Rock wool density: 100 Kg/m3
– Panel type: galvanised sheet metal 15/10
– Floor thickness: 8 mm (3 mm sheet metal + 5 mm calcium silicate insulation)

Vapour extraction chimney: Diameter 200 mm
Electrical cabinet, power supply: 380 Volt – 50 Hz +T +N
– Thermoregulator: Programmable Electronics
– Temperature control sensor: PT100

System to allow controlled cooling (n.2 motorised valve n.1 exhaust fan flow rate about 1.000 mc/h of 0,55 kW).
Included: switches on the door to switch off the heating resistors when opening the door.

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