Mercatus – Cold Room O3

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Negative cold chamber: – 23 °C

Volume: 7 m3

The O3 cold rooms are equipped with 100 mm thick insulation, which is suitable for both refrigerated and frozen versions.

• Double wall steel panels, with food-quality grey polyester coating;
• Eco-friendly polyurethane insulation with zero ODP and zero GWP;
• Dual effect camlocks with alignment chips for tight and perfect set up;
• Non-slip stainless steel floor and preformed cut-out 135° corners for ease of clean;
• Self-closing door with automatic hold open at 110°;
• Reversible door with reinforced hinges;
• Ergonomic handle, with key lock and emergency opening from the inside;
• Easy-to-clean magnetic sealing gaskets, removable without tools;
• Embedded door frame heater wire;
• Pre-assembled cooling unit, with heated pressure relief valve and lighting;
• Integrated control panel with electronic thermostat, mains switch and light switch;
• Automatic defrost and electrical re-evaporation of condensed waters;
• Forced draft condensation and evaporation;
• Heavy-duty modular shelving, sized to every cold room dimension.

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