Merz SBL-50 – Stickpack machine

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The SBL-5O bagging machine is a fully automatic vertical moulding, filling and sealing machine for the manufacture of tubular sachet packaging.

Forming, filling and sealing of sticks.

Liquid product filling head.

AB1 CDN peristaltic pump

Belt exit conveyor.

Allen block included for printing (batch number / expiry date).

Omron FQ2-S camera

Bag size :
Width from 12 to 50 mm
Length from 20 to 200 (215) mm

Film :
All heat-sealable laminated films.

Longitudinal sealing: 2 sealing methods
– Lap seal
– Folded edge seal
Central or side position, 3-sided edge sealed bags.

Transverse seals: :
All common types, also with tear-off aid

Performance :
0 to 100 packages/min. continuously adjustable

Rated voltage 400 V /3/N/PE
Power 2,5 KW
Frequency 50 Hz
Heating 48 V
Control voltage 230 VAC / 24 VDC
Mains protection 16A
Programmable control with memory: Siemens S7

Pneumatic input pressure: 6 bar

Spare parts available: yes.

Documentation: yes.

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