Norden 400 – Tubes filler

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Out of stock

Good condition Nordenmatic 400, used in the cosmetic sector (shampoo, …), to fill 200 ml plastic tubes.

Automatic filling and sealing machine

Sectors: cosmetics – pharmaceuticals – food industry

Stainless steel unit

Current formats: tubes diameter 50 mm + pump volume 200 to 250ml.

Works perfectly

Filling speed up to 1000 units / hour

Option: new cooling unit, available on request

Data of the manufacturer:

Output 40 tubes/min depending on product – diameter 12 to 50mm

– tube height 50 to 250 mm
– 16-bucket carousel

Machine equipped with tooling for tubes diameter 19mm and 50mm – plus 2 dosing pumps from 10 to 50ml and from 50 to 250ml .

1 automatic loader with high magazine type 1 case
1 bucket carousel 16 impressions
1 tilting device with vacuum holding
1 Driver and orienter assembly
1 juice feed hopper
1 filler set with pump – rotating ball – spout
1 hot air welding head
1 closing clamp
1 chip cutter with receptacle
1 ejector set.

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