STEIN FASEL – Steam boiler 3T/h 10 bar (g)

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Fluid produced : Steam
Power : 3T/h
Production: 8 barg
Year: 1984
N° F2167
Historical fuel on this boiler: Heavy fuel oil
Boiler Operating Time Low: Emergency Boiler
Description of the boiler body + its safety (instrumentation) + its 2 valves + FOL burner + electrical box + FOL heater and its connection to the burner + smoke opacimeter.
Built-in boiler electrical cabinet: It contains the boiler safety devices and its regulation: it is incorporated into the boiler’s CE.
Boiler operating mode: Self-control
Cause of removal: Change of customer’s fuel

The boiler is sold with all its CE components.
– FOL burner and its own safety devices (CE burner)
– Instrumentation :
* Pressure gauge
* Pressure sensor for regulation
* High pressure PSH x 2
* Very low level x 2
* Very high level
* TSH x 2 on drain valve
* 2 valves

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