Selling industrial equipment has never been easier.

Dedicated to factories and laboratories

Some companies don’t have time to spend on selling their used industrial equipment. Furthermore, they want to minimise every constraints of the process. Osertech propose to help and manage the selling of used industrial machines for companies by publishing ads on its store page.

We provide you our expertise and knowledges to sell your industrial machinery at the best price. Osertech offers a personalised experience to companies that want to buy and sell industrial equipment internationally. You benefit an advance search engine optimisation to promote your ads.

- How it works ? -

1 - Reception of information

Sellers provide all necessary information (photos, technical details,...) to Osertech. According to your expectation, we set up prices for machines.

2 - Equipments publishing

We work on, optimise and publish your ads on our website. They are directly published by Osertech and available on our store page.

3 - Leads qualification and inspections

Osertech team answers to potential buyers' request. This allows us to qualify clients before start dealing. We carry out reminders and the follow-up of prospects.

4 - Close the transaction

Once buyer and seller are agree, we close the deal and organise the transaction. If the machine is selling at a higher price, we share benefice with the seller.

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