Additional services
Your industrial equipment served as on a tray!

Complementary services

In order to offer all inclusive services, we provide our network and our skills to offer additional services in selling and buying used industrial equipment.

Osertech offers support for various services:

Disassembly / Reassembly

Our team or our professional partners take care of the disassembly, handling and preparation for shipment of the equipment, directly from the production site. We can also manage the reassembly as used previously or add modification to the equipment.

Funding / Finance

For French buyers, we work with leasing companies to facilitate the payment of your machines in several monthly installments.

Transport / Logistics

We are able to manage the shipment and transfer of your order to your facility. We used to work with companies specialised in the transport of industrial equipment by road, sea and air all over the world.

Consulting / Research

We support companies from A to Z companies looking for launch a project and start an industrial production. We listen their needs and talk about their expectation in order to identify the most suitable equipment for their business.