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Specialist in buying and selling process, treatment and packaging equipment and machinery.

Worldwide delivery

Thanks to our logistics partners, the material can be imported / exported all over the world.

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No delays, the equipment offered is available immediately or very soon.

Investment savings

Make considerable savings with equipment that is 50-70% cheaper than new.

Process and packaging machinery for factories and laboratories

The pharmaceutical industry includes all operations such as research, manufacturing/production and distribution of medicines and treatments for human and veterinary medicine.

Osertech is specialised in the sale of used machines and production lines. The company purchases and sells industrial machinery and equipment for the manufacture of pharmaceutical products as well as their packaging and conditioning.

The available machinery inventory includes equipment for the creation of various products:

  • Solids (tablets, capsules, powders)
  • Semi-solids (creams, ointments, gels)
  • Liquids (vaccines, concentrates)
  • Or for the filling and sealing of packaging (vials, ampoules, tubes, syringes, jars, cases…).

Why buy a used pharmaceutical machine?

Price: Industrial equipment is subject to significant discounts on resale, even if it is recent or nearly new equipment. As a result, clients obtain high-performance equipment at the best price. They save several thousand euros compared to the acquisition of new equipment.

Availability: Companies face no delays in the production of the equipment. Units are already in service, dismantled or prepared for delivery. By purchasing their second-hand machinery and equipment from Osertech, customers reduce delivery times by several weeks or even months.

Choice: There are many models of used machines for sale in the pharmaceutical sector. Each machine is designed and created to meet a need. Through the different sales platforms, the buyer is able to get an overview of the current global offer on the market. He can then compare and choose the model he wants to acquire according to his technical criteria, price, place, …

Osertech, supplier of second-hand equipment for the pharma industry

Osertech stocks and offers a large selection of second-hand pharmaceutical equipment and models from leading manufacturers in the sector: Glatt, Marchesini, Frewitt, Alexanderwerk, GEA, Ima, Manesty, Romaco, Zanasi, Neri, IKA, VMI, De dietrich, Nabertherm, Serail, Frima, Russell Finex, Lodige, Fette, Norden, …

Our professional team is at your disposal to advise and assist you in the acquisition of used pharmaceutical equipment.

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