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Dumoulin TD 1500 - Coating drum (Atex)

Dumoulin TD 1500 – Coating drum (Atex)

Manufacturer : Dumoulin Model: TD 1500 Year : 2000 Type: coating machine Classification: ATEX motorisation and sensors Operating unit: from 4 to 15 kg of mass to be impregnated. Turbine type: plain drum for impregnation Turbine diameter: Ø 600 mm Turbine depth: 400 mm Removable mixing blades Materials: 304 L stainless steel Unloading: automatic by reversing cylinder rotation Driven by

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Dumoulin 5X - tablet coater

Dumoulin 5X – tablet coater

Manufacturer : Dumoulin Model: 5X Year : 1990 Type : Tablet coater / Drum coater Drum diameter : Ø 50 cm Total volume : 65 L Emptying / removal : frontal Spraying and cleaning nozzles Interior lighting Temperature sensor Watson Marlow 313S peristaltic pump Gerbhardt and Ebmpapst ventilation and suction Mobile chasis: 4 wheels

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Manesty Accela Cota 150 - Film and sugar coating unit

Manesty Accela Cota 150 – Film and sugar coating unit

Manufacturer: Manesty Model: Accela-cota 150 Year : 1983 Type: film and sugar coating unit Technical file available Classification: ATEX EEx (to be requalified) Coater Useful volume: approx. 170 L Maximum weight: 150 Kg Diameter of drum: 1219 mm / 48″. Rotation speed: 2.5 – 15 rpm Cabinet with frequency converter Air treatment unit Air volume: 2890 m3/h Temperature : 0-80°C

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Glatt GC-750/500 - Coating unit

Glatt GC-750/500 – Coating unit

A full coating unit, with its equipment, designed for coating products by means of a continuous or discontinuous spraying process. Additional documents : Equipment layout plan + cip system . pdf 1 Glatt GC 750/500 coating unit – drive motor : 1,1 kW – 380 V – 50 hz – IP 54 – Ex – air inlet fan : 1000

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NR industries - Rama cota 5

NR industries – Rama cota 19

Automatic sugar coating machineBrand: Narong IndustriesModel: Rama NR Cota 19 series 5 DRUM DIAMETER: 19″ / 48 cmCAPACITY: 3 to 7 kg Blowing / Extraction / Rotation Option– Heating– Speed variation– Extraction temperature measurement– Supply air temperature measurement– Spray pressure measurement– Light: interior lighting Research and development / Pilot unit

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Continuous twin screw coater TB200PP3000

Continuous twin screw coater TB200PP3000

Material: stainless steel Double screw: 2 nylon brushes in two sections: Ø 200 mm x 3000 mm Quick disassembly Mounted on a mobile frame: 4 wheels Power: 0,55 kw Speed controller : mechanical Support for feeders and dosing systems Overall dimensions 3800 x 550 x 1700

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Dumoulin - IDA 3000 (coating machine)

Dumoulin – IDA 3000 (coating machine)

Equipment used for coating of food or pharmaceutical products. Non-tilting stainless steel turbine 2 liquid spraying ramps / 2 powder spraying ramps Complete installation with : – 2 x interchangeable spraying / coating arms including each: 1 liquid spraying ramp with double heating jacket + 1 powder spraying ramp. – Accurate unit dosing powder (screw system) – Galvanised steel frame

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Dumoulin - Unité d'enrobage TVV 1200
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Dumoulin – Coating unit TVV 1200

Dumoulin coating unit including : : – 2 Dumoulin TVV 1200 Stainless Steel coating pans Capacity 125 kg / unit Each coater contains : – Ventilation unit with temperature control – Dust extraction and filtration unit (dust collection) Donaldson UMA103K3 – Electrical cabinet Spraying ramp with double jacketed piping – 1 nozzle / head per turbine. Year 2009 / 2013

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Manesty - Accela cota - Model 350 (60 pouces)
Sold: not available

Manesty – ACCELA COTA – Model 350 (60 inch)

Unit description : Manufacturer: BWI Manesty Year of construction: 1997 Condition of the unit: Functional Equipment dismantled and stored Coating machine Model: Accela cota 350 Size: Ø150 (60 inches) Working volume: 450 L Type of drum: perforated Number of blades: 4 Spraying system: 5 guns Watson Marlow 604U peristaltic pump FQ47IG control panel (240V) Air handling unit Model: CTA Hydronic

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How a coating machine works?

A coating machine, also known as a tablet coater, is a process equipment used in the food industry, especially in the chocolate and confectionery industry, or in the pharmaceutical industry.

These processing machines are used to coat tablets or food products. In the food industry, coating turbines are used to coat products (e.g. hazelnuts, sugared almonds) with chocolate, caramel or sugar. These coating machines can also be found in the pharmaceutical sector to coat tablets with sugars or colourings.

Composition of a coating unit

The coating pan is a stainless steel or copper tank designed to rotate. Tablets or primary products are impregnated by the continuous rotary movement of the pan.

A spray ramp, consisting of one or more spray nozzles, sprays the coating solution onto the products inside the coater. This allows the tablets to be completely and uniformly coated, without sticking together.

These machines are also equipped with a hot air aeration and ventilation system. The fan blows hot air to fix the sprayed solution. This removes humidity and helps the tablets to dry.

Finally, there is a suction and ventilation system to prevent the spread of particles in the air.

Technical characteristics of a coating machine: capacity (in kg), volume (in litres), diameter, temperature of the blown air.

Recognised brands: Dumoulin, Manesty, …