Platform specialised in the buying and selling of used industrial machinery

Professional advice

Our experience allow us to advice and help buyers, sellers and traders. We deal requests by providing technical details and expertise. Photos and videos are available for every offers of our website. Our machines are stocked in our warehouse or in sellers' factories.

Why used machines?

Used industrial machines are cheaper than new machines. Second hand equipment are also available without manufacturing delays. Machines can be visible in working condition. This allows buyers to verify if machines are corresponding for the use needed.

Different sectors

We are specialised in different sectors in order to propose a large range of machines. This allows us to answer more buyers' requests. Some machines are usable in different uses and domains. We sold machines in the following sectors: cosmetic, chemistry, pharmaceutics, food industry.

Looking for sale industrial equipment ?

Discover our solutions to promote and sell used industrial machinery easily.

Additional services

Customized assistance to support second-hand machinery transactions.