Pre-owned equipment and second-hand machinery for sale

Specialised in buying and selling used industrial equipment


We provide our expertise, our experience and our professional ecosystem to assist you in the sale of your surplus industrial machinery and equipment.


We understand that it is important to manage the entire process of selling and buying equipment in order to guarantee the best deal conditions.

Industries: pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical, food process, ...

Various business sectors

We are specialised in specific sectors in order to offer a wide selection of equipment. Some machines can be used for different applications. We offer industrial equipment for : packaging, process, storage, transfert, production, ...

Professional expertise

Our experience allows us to advise buyers, sellers and traders. We treat requests by providing technical information and documentation. Photos and videos are available for each industrial equipment. Our machines are stored in our facilities or directly in the factories.

Second hand equipment advantage

Used machines are more affordable compared to new machines. Second-hand equipment is available without manufacturing delays. Used machinery can be seen in working order. Buyers are then able to check if the machine is suitable for their requirements.

New / latest arrivals

The trading of second-hand industrial equipment and machinery

Osertech is active in trading used industrial machinery since 1994. With more than 1500 sales worldwide, we are recognised by many industrial groups. We give a second life to unused and surplus equipment and offer the possibility to acquire, without delay, industrial machines at the best price.