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Embatherm TME160CH - Heat sealer

Embatherm TME160CH – Heat sealer

Manufacturer: Embatherm Model: TME 160 Year : 2015 Type: pneumatic heat sealer, conduction heat sealing of aluminum lids on plastic packaging. Features: Dimensions: 400 x 500 x 750 mm Weight : 28 kg Standard sealing part diameters: 40-150mm Electrical power: 300 W Voltage: 220 V single-phase Packaging dimensions: Diameter: <150 mm Height (standard): <240 mm Other formats: specific study possible

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Packinov TH 80 - Sealing machine

Packinov TH 80 – Sealing machine

Manufacturer : Packinov Model: TH80 Year : 2015 Type : Heat sealer / Module for sealing pre-cut lids on jars or bottles Pre-cut lids: aluminum or PET Container sizes Ø from 15 to 120 mm Jar and lid positioning on tooling: manual Heat-sealing: automatic Output up to 400 jars/hour Pressure: 6 bars Dimensions: H 800 x L 450 x W

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Cotuplas S4 - Manual Tube Sealer

Cotuplas S4 – Manual Tube Sealer

Manufacturer : Cotuplas Model: S4 Type : Manual sealer for plastic tubes Applications Production of samples for demonstration Market research Production of tubes for small or medium production runs Laboratory testing, internal product compatibility Features S4 unit accepts tubes from 13.5 mm to 60 mm in diameter and up to 230 mm in length Manual production speed of up to

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Soco System T-400 - Scotcheuse avec module de pliage

Soco System T-400 – Case sealer with folding unit

1 – Semi-automatic lower flap folder Manufacturer : Soco System Model: F-100-P Year : 2000 Carton size : Min. carton width: 320 mm Max. carton width: 520 mm Max. case length: 700 mm 2 – Automatic case and flap sealer / Tape sealing machine Manufacturer: Soco System Soco System Model: T-400 5-5-7 Year: 1989 Adhesive top and bottom closure. Capacity:

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Bernhardt MSB11M

Bernhardt MSB11M – Manual sealer

Vertical impulse sealer Fields of application Food industry, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals,… Thin polyethylene bags and/or thick multilayer laminates 304 stainless steel frame with locking wheels Mechanical adjustment of the sealing height Single impulse sealing bar mechanism Screen/keyboard for setting parameters Manual closing of the sealing bars Cycle indicator Power supply : 230 V mono + earth Power : 2.1 KW Sealing

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Zalkin TM3 - Semi-automatic capping machine

Zalkin TM3 – Semi-automatic capping machine

Semi-automatic machine 220 V Electric box with disconnecting switch Reset system for screwing head Bottles from 30 to 365mm height Bottle holder tray (manual height adjustment) Current tooling : 1 screwing head covered with rubber with 3 brackets. Head foot for Ø 31. Possibility to change head for other format / use or crimping, capping, …

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Zalkin TM 125 - Machine à capsuler automatique

Zalkin TM 125 – Capping machines

Zalkin TM125 single-headed capping machine The maximum output of this equipment is about 3000 bottles / hour. The bottles are introduced by accumulation. Direction left -> right Current format: Plastic Cap: diameter 60.5 mm x 4.5 mm Aluminium Cap: diameter 62 mm x 4.5 mm 16-cell wheel: pitch diameter 530 mm / cell diameter 56 mm – Caps dispenser (vibrating

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JOKE Fermant 40 NC 2M T - Sealing machine for thermoplastic tubes
Sold: not available

JOKE Fermant 40 NC 2M T – Sealing machine for thermoplastic tubes

Manufacturer: Joke Folienschweißtechnik GmbH Model: Fermant 40 NC 2M T Type : Vertical impulse sealer for thermoplastic tubes   Input voltage : 230V alternating current 50/60 Hz Connected power 1.800 VA Dimensions (W x H x D): 700 x 260 x 330 mm Supply voltage: 230 V, 50/60 Hz Fuse protection: 16 A Weight: 40 kg   Power characteristics :

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Carton Sealer EXC-103SD - Tape sealer
Sold: not available

Carton Sealer EXC-103SD – Tape sealer

Manufacturer : Carton sealing machine (Feifer ?) Model: EXC-103SD Year : – Type: Semi-automatic taping machine   Lateral drive belts. Setting : manual Format : min: L 120 x W 100 x H 120 mm maxi : unlimited x l 500 x h 500 mm

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GH Development - VSMA screwing unit
Sold: not available

GH Development – VSMA screwing unit

Manufacturer: GH Développement Model: VSMA Year: 2014 Type: Semi-automatic screwing machine   The equipment is designed for screwing cosmetic and pharmaceutical jars or bottles or similar. Maximum product height: 245 mm Maximum diameter: 100 mm Maximum output: 25 units / min Type of sealing: screwing or snapping Overall dimensions: 1700 x 1050 x 1000 mm Bucket transfer via a pneumatic

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R.Deckert / King / Cam - Ligne de comptage et remplissage flacons automatique
Sold: not available

R.Deckert / King / Cam – Automatic counting and filling line for bottles

Automatic line for counting and filling / sealing : tablets, pills and capsules into bottles. 1 – Rudolf Deckert bottle feeding system (year 2007) including : – R.Deckert FE 250 bulk bottle loading hopper/conveyor – R.Deckert PS 1000 bottle unscrambler Equipment allowing the feeding of the line with empty bottles from a bulk discharge. 2 – R.Deckert ABM 600 bottle

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