Zalkin TM 125 – Capping machines

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Zalkin TM125 single-headed capping machine

The maximum output of this equipment is about 3000 bottles / hour.

The bottles are introduced by accumulation. Direction left -> right

Current format:
Plastic Cap: diameter 60.5 mm x 4.5 mm
Aluminium Cap: diameter 62 mm x 4.5 mm
16-cell wheel: pitch diameter 530 mm / cell diameter 56 mm

– Caps dispenser (vibrating bowl + dispensing chute taken on the fly) type ADV N°6430 and 6428.
– Rotating table: feeding bottles

Entry conveyor belt: 2000 mm / width 110 mm
Belt at the entrance on the machine: 1500 m
Exit belt: 500 mm
Capping head 104

Voltage: 380 Volts 50 hz
electrical box on the output side.

1 control cell for checking the presence of the bottle with plastic cap
1 control cell for checking the presence of the aluminium bottle cap.
1 accumulation detection cell
1 jam detection cell