Organise the sale of your industrial machinery and equipment

A sale take place in stages. From valuation to acquisition, including communication, advice, dismantling and transport, we organise the sale of your machinery. Osertech is your dedicated and specialised partner for getting the most value of your industrial equipment. We are always looking for any type of project or equipment to buy.

Vente de machine industrielle
By choosing Osertech, you can sell your industrial equipment easily and confidently, without having to invest time and money.


3 solutions for more simplicity !

Marketing Broker


Sell your surplus or current industrial equipment without constraints, while keeping control and possession of it. We'll take care of the rest.

Consignement storage


Take advantage of the space in our warehouses to sell your equipment, while keeping their possessions, and quickly save space in your facilities.

Sell surplus equipment

Direct Purchase

We are always looking for all types of industrial machinery to buy. Sell your surplus or obsolete equipment quickly and easily.

Your sales partner

Selling industrial machinery can be a challenge! Knowing how to advertise properly, review potential buyers and negotiate final terms and/or payment recovery can be time-consuming and frustrating. It takes valuable energy from your business, which is better spent concentrating on your primary activity.

Various factors are involved in the sale, such as your requirements (sales deadlines, etc.) and the time, money and resources you are ready to invest in selling your equipment.

Osertech is specialised in buying and selling used industrial equipment since 1994. Our experience, our network and the expertise we’ve built up over the years enable us to value your equipment as accurately as possible. We facilitate and optimise the sale of your machinery, leaving you free to concentrate on your main business. We offer a range of solutions to help professionals sell their used industrial equipment quickly and easily.

International visibility for equipment sales

"Zero constraint" strategy

Our team’s expertise, its very good knowledge of the second-hand market and its multilingual management guarantee you a privileged and optimised relationship.

We simplify the sales process and are able to quickly send you an accurate valuation of your equipment, based on the current market price.

Equipment listed on our website is either on our premises or in our customers’ premises. The equipment published on our website is shared with a large network of qualified professionals via our newsletters, marketing campaigns and social networks. In addition, we share equipment on a large selection of specialised international platforms and portals.

In this way, we put a whole strategy in place to ensure a sale in the best possible conditions and as fast as possible.

Our industries

We specialise in equipment for the pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics and food industries.

Our services

Through our partners, we can manage services such as international transport, dismantling and identical reassembly, etc.