Start selling your industrial equipment and machinery

By choosing Osertech, company specialised in the trading of used industrial machinery, you can easily and quickly sell your equipment and machines without losing time !

sell industrial equipment

1 - Register

Register and create your free account in just a few clicks.

2 - Ads

Take photos and add description in order to build your ads.

3 - Optimisation​

We optimise and translate your listing to boost your visibility.

4 - Sell

We sell your equipment and you receive the money before shipment.

"Zero constraints"

All you have to do is create a free account to start selling. One of our experts will validate or request additional information to enhance your ad. Our teams manage all the buyers’ requests and validate the solvency of the client. We organise the entire sale process on our behalf.

Payment before delivery guaranteed: When we sell one of your equipment, you will receive all the money before shipment or dismantling.

sell industrial equipment

Online optimisation

The expertise of our team and its very good knowledge of the second-hand market ensures that your advertisements are prepared and optimised manually. These are translated by our teams to ensure that the right technical terms are used. You can follow your performance and visibility from your account.

Sales booster

Your ads are published on our website and relayed, through our newsletters and social media, to a wide network of qualified professionals. In addition, our platform shares your ads on many international platform such as Makinate, Exapro or Trademachines.

For this, we ask for the online publication exclusivity in order to manage the visibility and the sale of your industrial equipment as well as possible.

We sell equipment in the following activities :


Cosmetics / Perfumery


Food industry

Chocolate / Confectionery


FAQ: is a specialised platform for different industrial sectors: Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Food and Cosmetics. We have 25 years of experience as a used machinery dealer. Unlike more generalist platforms, we have studied, targeted and focused our field of activity on the sectors we know.

Recognising current market difficulties, we offer a simple, accessible and operational way to help small and large companies to sell their used industrial equipment.

We treat all requests and questions related to your ads. We qualify each potential seller in order to save time and ensure answers in different languages. When a buyer is interested in purchasing equipment, we manage the sale and invoicing directly with him.

Osertech has a business model based on freemium. Publish ad is totally free. Osertech is only remunerated on the difference between offer and demand. Based on the principle of buying and reselling, you define the amount you would like to get back from the transaction. We will then fix a selling price. Our experts are available to help you if you need advice on estimating your equipment.

Osertech guarantees full payment of your money before the dismantling and shipment of your machines.

Your ads are automatically translated by our teams in order to improve their relevance. You only add a description in your language and we take care of the rest.

We recommend to our clients to let us entirely manage the sale of their equipment online in order to centralise requests and manage transactions optimally. We reference your equipment on many different sites. Exclusivity allows us to offer buyers no duplicates and no erroneous information. Sellers minimise their effort, through a single referrer, and obtain better results.

If you have any further questions about our offers and services: Contact us