Broker: Trusted intermediary for the sale of your industrial equipment

Sell your equipment without any constraint and without investing your time or money, while keeping control and possession of it in your premises.

For companies:

Which have large production units for sale

Which have unused equipment on their premises

Which stop or reorganise their activity

Our process:

We get in touch to draw-up an overview of the situation, assess your expectations and define the constraints and the equipment’s value. We also share with you an audit of the current state of the market for this type of equipment.

Secondly, we organise a first visit to inspect the equipment. With all the technical detail collected, we publish the description of your machine online and relay the information to our network via different platforms. We recommend our customers to leave the management of the online sale with us, in order to centralise requests and manage transactions as well as possible. We reference your machine on many sites. Exclusivity of publication allows us to offer buyers no duplicates and no erroneous information.

In the event of a sale, we organise the ceasing and removal of your machine. We limit your liability during the transaction by buying the equipment directly from you. Choosing Osertech means minimising your involvement and your costs through a single referrer.

Industrial equipment and material broker

The advantage of a brokerage:

When selling large production units, it is always best to keep the equipment in good condition and show it installed. This generally facilitates the sale because the buyer is able to view the material in working condition.

Osertech is the equipment and machinery broker for industry professionals. We provide our experience and network to optimise the sale of industrial equipment and guarantee transactions.