Consignment store: 8,000 square meters at your disposal to store your equipment

Sell ​​your industrial equipment while staying in possession of your machine and quickly free up space on your premises.

For companies:

Which moves or relocates their production

Which destock or sell their unused and surplus machinery

Which wish to free or empty a building from their factory

Which stop or reorganise their activity

Our process:

We get in touch to gather as much information as possible and estimate your material. We usually organise a visit to assess all key points. We discuss conditions of sale and your reserve price. Once the agreement is reached, we establish a consignment contract. We then organise the removal and transport of the material to our premises.

As soon as a buyer is interested in acquiring the material, we will contact you to confirm the price and finalise the sale. Once the steps are finalised with the buyer and the equipment sold, we send you the deed of transfer and make the payment for the equipment by bank transfer.

Industrial equipment recovery

Our guarantees:

We are committed to:

  • Your material stocked
  • Inventory made (photos + description)
  • Online placement of your material
  • Equipment promotion
  • Questions and requests from buyers answered
  • Sale progress transparency
  • Visit and sale organisation
  • Transaction security guarantees