Used packaging machines

Used packaging machines À VENDRE

Almost every industry and sectors use and work with packaging machines. These equipment use high technology to manage product filling, transfer and packaging of liquid, pasty, creamy or solid products.

Conditioning process of products begins by manufacturing and forming packaging (Bottles, trays, pots, sachets, …). Different solutions are available. Thermoforming machines use heat to mould and form packaging product. Good to know, some machines are able to combine the forming, the filling and sealing (form fill and form fill sealing machines). In some cases, the packaging is already moulded and ready to be used (Example: Doypack).

Transfer equipment such as conveyor belts or rollers, vibrating corridors and worms, can bring the product to filling machines. As part of a complete line, companies use automatic filling machines. For some cases, they prefer to use semi-automatic filling machine.

Depending on type of packaging, there are different packaging solutions. A packaging line usually includes an automatic bagging machine. Vertical baggers and Horizontal baggers (flow pack machines) are often used for wrapping products. The product is covered and packaged from a plastic film.

Finally, there are semi-automatic or automatic strapping machines. These strapping machines allow you to belt and fasten a package with polypropylene strapping.

A complete set of such equipment is called a packaging line.

However, purchasing a packaging equipment remains a high investment. Several factors can impact prices: state, brand, location, year of production. Osertech offers on its website a large range of ready to use machines. We propose second hand available and revised industrial system to satisfy the need of different budgets.