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Packaging and processing in industry

Packaging machines are used in almost every industry and sector of activity: food, confectionery, chemicals, health, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, etc… A packaging machine enables to pack and package liquid, solid, pasty, viscous, powder and granular products.

This process equipment uses state-of-the-art technology to manage product filling, transfer and packaging of liquid, pasty, creamy or solid products.

This equipment packs and protects products at high speed according to the expectations and constraints of logistics (routing and storage).

Packaging machinery, which are an integral part of automated assembly lines, are the final stage in the manufacturing process.

This machine category brings several different processes together: weighing/cutting, production, filling, sealing, assembling, grouping, labelling, over wrapping, palletising, etc.

The packaging, rigid or flexible, can be either single-use or reusable.

Buy and sell packaging machinery

Buying packaging and wrapping machines remains a high investment for companies. Several factors influence prices: condition, brand, location, year. Osertech offers on its website a complete range of second-hand machines that are available and checked, ready to be used to meet the needs of any type of budget.