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Graseby DSP 2 - Metal detector

Graseby DSP 2 – Metal detector

Detector manufacturer : Graseby Conveyor manufacturer : Natel International Electrical cabinet manufacturer : Elcowa Year: 1996 Belt length: 300 x 22 cm. Ejection by opening the belt Video :

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ComiPack VM40 – Vertical bagging machine

Brand : Comi Pack Model : VM40 Year : 2003   Type : Vertical bagging machine Voltage : 380 / 400 Volt Hz Power : 3,7Kw Air consumption : 60 Lt/min Tube diameter : min 40 – max 120 mm Product dimensions : length: min 40 – max 280 mm Width: min 40 – max 180 mm Winding band: max

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JOKE Fermant 40 NC 2M T - Sealing machine for thermoplastic tubes

JOKE Fermant 40 NC 2M T – Sealing machine for thermoplastic tubes

Manufacturer: Joke Folienschweißtechnik GmbH Model: Fermant 40 NC 2M T Type : Vertical impulse sealer for thermoplastic tubes   Input voltage : 230V alternating current 50/60 Hz Connected power 1.800 VA Dimensions (W x H x D): 700 x 260 x 330 mm Supply voltage: 230 V, 50/60 Hz Fuse protection: 16 A Weight: 40 kg   Power characteristics :

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Cotuplas S4 - Manual Tube Sealer

Cotuplas S4 – Manual Tube Sealer

Manufacturer : Cotuplas Model: S4 Type : Manual sealer for plastic tubes Applications Production of samples for demonstration Market research Production of tubes for small or medium production runs Laboratory testing, internal product compatibility Features S4 unit accepts tubes from 13.5 mm to 60 mm in diameter and up to 230 mm in length Manual production speed of up to

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Fette P1000 - Presse à comprimés rotative

Fette P1000 – Tablet press

Perfecta 1000 rotary tablet press with electrical cabinet   Manufacturer: Fette Model: Perfecta 1000 / P1000 Year : 1985 Number of pressing stations: 22 Maximum compression force: 80 kN Maximum pre-compression force: 20 kN Maximum tablet diameter: 25 mm Maximum tablet thickness: 10.5 mm Maximum hourly throughput: 72,600 tablets Maximum filling height: 22 mm Pitch diameter: 315 mm Die plate

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Carton Sealer EXC-103SD - Tape sealer

Carton Sealer EXC-103SD – Tape sealer

Manufacturer : Carton sealing machine (Feifer ?) Model: EXC-103SD Year : – Type: Semi-automatic taping machine   Lateral drive belts. Setting : manual Format : min: L 120 x W 100 x H 120 mm maxi : unlimited x l 500 x h 500 mm

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Marchesin MB 440 + BA400 - Ligne blister

Marchesini MB 440 + BA400 – Blister packaging line

Full documentation and technical file. Photos of unit installed available. Previous environment: pharmaceutical Possibility to buy module 1, 2 and 3 separately. Large stock of spare parts for all equipment. Regular maintenance and upgrades performed a few years ago. 1 – Capsule conveyor Manufacturer: IDI Pharma Feed hopper + slat conveyor + distribution hopper 2 – Blister machine Manufacturer: Marchesini

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FETTE P 2000 – Presse à comprimé

FETTE P 2000 – Tablet press

Manufacturer : Fette Model: Perfecta 2000 Year of construction : 1985 Type : tablet press Number of pressing stations: 43 Maximum compression force: 80 KN Maximum pre-compression force: 15 KN Maximum tablet diameter: 13 mm Maximum tablet thickness: 8.5 mm Maximum hourly throughput: 258,000 units / h Maximum filling height: 18 mm Die diameter: 24 mm Die height: 22.22 mm

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Piston dosing machine

Piston dosing machine

Type : piston filler Mode: Automatic / semi-automatic (shot by shot) Operation : pneumatic Foot pedal action Dosing pump: manual adjustment Feeding hopper Material : Stainless steel Temperature sensor

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Turbo tools NMD 888 - Piston filler

Turbo tools NMD 888 – Piston filler

Manufacturer : Turbo tools ltd Model: NMD888 Type : piston dosing machine Mode : Automatic / semi-automatic (shot by shot) Operation : pneumatic Foot pedal action Adjustable dosing pump Feeding hopper Stainless steel 2 sets of filling heads available

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NOVA NS 574/4 - 4 head volumetric filler

NOVA NS 574/4 – 4 head volumetric filler

Manufacturer : Nova (SERAC) Model: NS 574/4 Year : 2004 Type : volumetric filling by 2 pistons Number of heads: 4 Volume : 500 to 7400 ml Volume per mm of stroke: 18.14 ml Product: liquid / semi-liquid for flasks, bottles, cans External conveyor control Neck detection Available filling formats Filling heads available Recovery tank Drain hoses installed on photos.

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Smipack BP800AR 280ST - Fardeleuse

Smipack BP800AR 280ST – Shrinkwrapper

Manufacturer : Smipack Model: BP800AR 280ST Year : 2014 Type : Automatic monobloc shrinkwrapper   Power : 17,2 KW Output capacity : 17 units / min Pneumatic stacker for rigid products Variable speed 90° infeed conveyor Multilingual menu   Width of infeed conveyor belt: 280 mm Product infeed height : 165 mm Maximum bundle height: 380 mm Sealing bar: 760

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Packaging and processing in industry

Packaging machines are used in almost every industry and sector of activity: food, confectionery, chemicals, health, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, etc… A packaging machine enables to pack and package liquid, solid, pasty, viscous, powder and granular products.

This process equipment uses state-of-the-art technology to manage product filling, transfer and packaging of liquid, pasty, creamy or solid products.

This equipment packs and protects products at high speed according to the expectations and constraints of logistics (routing and storage).

Packaging machinery, which are an integral part of automated assembly lines, are the final stage in the manufacturing process.

This machine category brings several different processes together: weighing/cutting, production, filling, sealing, assembling, grouping, labelling, over wrapping, palletising, etc.

The packaging, rigid or flexible, can be either single-use or reusable.

Buy and sell packaging machinery

Buying packaging and wrapping machines remains a high investment for companies. Several factors influence prices: condition, brand, location, year. Osertech offers on its website a complete range of second-hand machines that are available and checked, ready to be used to meet the needs of any type of budget.