Kalix KX 600 – Metal tube filler

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Manufacturer: Kalix Dupuy

Model: KX600

Year : 1991

Type : Automatic multi-format machine for filling and sealing flexible metal tubes, for liquid or pasty products

Tube diameters (manufacturer’s data) : Ø 13.5 to 50 mm

Tube length : 60 to 220 mm

Filling volume: 4 to 590 ml

12-position rotary bucket deck

Empty tube loading: automatic empty tube distribution

Tilter + tube insertion combined with compressed air dust removal

Orientation with cell

Filling: variable volume depending on dosing unit

Sealing: 1st fold, 2nd fold, Striage


Safety device: No tube = No filling

Filling by volumetric pump and rotary valve

Fully enclosed + Laminar flow

Equipment sold with full documentation + Ø 11 mm / Ø 13 mm / Ø 16 mm / Ø 19 mm formats + 2 dosing blocks.

Video in operation: https://youtu.be/AMS-ni4K36c?si=4F52yePeUNSPucan