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400 L mobile vessels

400 L mobile vessels

Type : Mobile vessels / containers Previous use : Paint mixing Quantity available : 7 Total volume : 400 L Height inside tank : 900 mm Inside diameter: Ø 790 mm Black non-magnetic treated steel

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Sevin -  500 L Mixing tank

Sevin – 500 L Mixing tank

Manufacturer: Sevin Type : Mixing tank / disperser. Materials : Vessel + double jacket + heat insulation: stainless steel Feet + stirring support in steel. Volume: 575 L total / 500 L useful Jacket: steam / liquid Manual central drain 2 lids / inspection hatch Mixing tool: dispersion rotor ø 250 mm Motor power : 1,1 KW – 1500 rpm

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LESCAUT - Réacteur 13550 L avec agitation Atex

LESCAUT – 13550 L Reactor with atex mixer

Manufacturer : Lescaut SAS Year: 2007 Type: reactor   Drawing of the reactor : PLAN_RI188.pdf   Atex class : Ex II 2/3 G/D, c 13 Mixing : 2 three-blade mixers (dismantled, not visible on pictures). Power: 11 KW Speed: 38 – 110 rpm Materials: stainless steel 316 L Empty weight: 5500 KG   Total vessel volume: 13 550 L Operating

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Cornu - 200 L melting tank

Cornu – 200 L melting tank

Manufacturer : Cornu Chaudronnerie Model : – Year : – Material : stainless steel Capacity : 200 litres Double jacket Manual closing top. External heating source, not supplied with the equipment.

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Find a second hand tank

Used tanks are open or sealed storage volumes. Many companies use this equipment in different industrial areas:

– Food industry ( fertiliser, seeds, processing mixes, …)

– Chemical and petrochemical (oil or gas storage)

– Cosmetic and pharmaceutical (corrosive products, creams, skin care, …).

The market offers various used models. Different types of tanks are available:

– according to their shape: vertical, horizontal, square tanks with conical or flat bottoms.
– According to their type of material: used stainless steel tanks (stainless steel), steel, plastic, concrete, high density polyethylene (HDPE) or polyester.
Furthermore, a distinction is made between single jacket and double jacket tank. The double jacket allows tanks to have a primary storage space surrounded by a secondary jacket. The secondary jacket can be heated or cooled by water or steam.
The reaction vessel, also called reactor, is an enclosure that allows the storage as well as the realisation and optimisation of chemical reactions that are fast or over time. They are used during material transformation processes (e.g. fermentation).

The objective of this type of machine is to obtain homogeneity of the reaction medium in terms of temperature, pressure and mixture of reagents.

Stainless steel tanks

The stainless steel tank is the most generally requested. Its resistance over time is due to the protective oxide coating which gives it its robustness and its versatility in different sectors.
Sizes and volumes
Tank volumes vary according to use. Smaller tanks have a capacity of a few litres, less than 50 litres. On the other hand, larger tanks can store up to 150,000 L and more.

It is advisable to inquire about the useful volume as well as the size of the equipment before buying it.

We speak in cubic metres for large capacities. A one cubic metre (m3) tank is equal to 1000 litres (L).

Tanks for specific use

Some tanks are equipped with an agitator or a rotary mixer. This makes it possible to restore homogeneity to several products in the event of prolonged storage or if the product in question requires it. This is called a homogeniser.

Depending on the requirements and certain applications, companies use different models. A distinction is made between the pressure vessel (for gas storage), the insulated vessel, the WHG tank (meeting water retention standards), etc.

Manufacturers often specialise in the manufacture of certain types of tanks and reactors.

Buy and sell second-hand tanks

Buying a second-hand machine remains a high investment for some companies. Prices depend on the condition, volume, location and manufacturing year.

Osertech enables buyers to find the best second-hand opportunities available. In addition to our online catalogue, the system consults a wide range of available second-hand machines sold by professionals.