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A tank is an open or closed storage volume. Many companies use this equipment in different industry sectors: food and wine ( fertilisers, seeds, processing mix,…), chemical and petrochemical (oil or gas storage), cosmetics and pharmaceuticals (corrosive products, creams, skin care,…).

The market offers various models of new or second-hand tanks available: vertical or horizontal tanks, conical or flat bottom tanks, stainless steel tanks, steel, plastic, concrete, high density polyethylene (HDPE) or polyester tanks. In addition, there are single jacket and double-jacket tanks.

Reaction tanks or reactors are used to store and carry out chemical reactions quickly or over time (Example: fermentation).
Stainless steel tanks
The stainless steel tank is the most generally requested because of its resistance over time due to the protective oxide layer that gives it its stainless steel and its versatility in different sectors.
The different tank sizes
Volume of tanks varies according to use. Small tanks have a capacity of a few litres (50L). On the other hand, large tanks are capable of storing up to 150,000 L and more. We speak in cubic metres for large capacities. A tank of one cubic metre (m3) is equal to a tank of 1000 litres (L).
Tanks for specific use
Some tanks are equipped with a rotary mixer to restore homogeneity of two products in case of prolonged storage or if the product in question requires it. This is called a homogeniser.

Many other tank models, specific to certain applications, are used by companies. In particular the pressure tank, the insulated tank, the WHG tank (meeting water retention standards), etc. A pressure vessel is used to store the gas.

Manufacturers often specialize in the manufacture of specific types of vessels and reactors. Recognized brands: Franke, Hermex, Krones, VMI, Baker, Sommer-Technik,…
Buying used tanks
Buying a second-hand tank remains a high investment. Several factors can affect prices: condition, brand, location, year. Osertech offers on its website a complete range of used machines available and revised, ready to use to satisfy the need of any type of budget.