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Containers 500L

Containers 500L

Containers for powder and capsules. Total volume: 500 litres Useful volume: 300 litres according to manufacturer’s plate Quantity : 12 Polished stainless steel 316 Pyramidal bottom Total opening Lid Drainage trapdoor 150 x 150 Overall dimensions 750 x 750 x 1350

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Biemont -  Container Soneco SLPC 1500

BSI – Container SLPC 1500

-Parallepipedic stainless steel 1,544 liters Tare 255 kg / pressure test 0.65 bar Palletizable and stackable Top trapdoor diameter 450 mm hermetic Drain d.50 Approved for transport Dimensions: 1000 x 1200 x ht 1850 Weight: 2950 kg

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Use of stainless steel containers:

These metal constructions, made of stainless steel (inox) or aluminium, are used for the transport, storage and dosing of powders, capsules or granules.

These containers are used in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical industries.

They are generally made up of a removable tight lid at the top and a butterfly or diaphragm valve.

Containers are particularly suitable for industries specialising in the handling of bulk materials, as they allow a wide variety of substances to be packaged and secured in an optimal manner. They are a real alternative to the use of big bags, tanks and bins.

Main features: Buffer storage / filling, emptying, weighing / continuous and controlled dosing / working in atex areas / …

Standard capacities: 200L / 500L / 1000L / 2000L / …

There are different types of containers:

Container for storage and mixing of powders.

Container for storage of capsules and dragées

Container for storage of liquids