Segler Andocksystem 40255B – Big Bag Emptying Station

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Manufacturer: Segler Segler

Model: Andocksystem 40255B

Type : Big-Bag emptying / dumping station

Year : 2015

Classification: Atex 112/30 135°C

Materials : Stainless steel

Connections :

1x DN300 Big-Bag anchoring system with pneumatic clamp, including 2-pneumatic manual override
1x Ø300 opening with DN65 lance, clamp connection and spray head for cleaning the anchoring system
1x R 1 1/2″ sleeves for pre-assembled filling indicators
1x DN65 flange, including ball valve as outlet

Hopper with external electric vibrator

Dimensions: 142 x 178 x 142 cm

Weight: 260 kg