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Velo FTV-15MQ - Rotating vacuum filter

Velo FTV-15MQ – Rotating vacuum filter

Manufacturer: Velo Model: FTV-15MQ Year: 1990 (refurbished 2018) Type : Rotary vacuum drum filter Drum : Outside diameter 1600 mm x Length : 3000 mm Filtrate separator Extraction pump Evacuation belt / conveyor Electrical cabinets

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Della Toffola - Rotating vacuum filter

Della Toffola – Rotating vacuum filter

Manufacturer: Della Toffola   Filtration area: 4.5 m2 Drum dimensions: Ø 100 x 150 cm Stainless steel frame on wheels Vacuum pump: Travaini TRMA 40-150/F Drum speed control: mechanical Electrical cabinet / control panel Mixing tank

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Sefitec - Filtre presse 30 m2

Sefitec – Filter press 30 m2

Manufacturer: Sefitec Year : 1982 Type : Filter press Trays : 800 x 800 mm Quantity : 65 units Capacity : 446 dcm3 Surface : 30 m2 Hydraulic unit 1,1 KW Stainless steel coating Discharge: manual

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3V Cogeim - Receiver cartridge filter

3V Cogeim – Receiver cartridge filter

Related document 3v-cogeim-plan-drawing.jpeg Technical description 316L stainless steel Closed cartridge filter Working pressure : -1 / +6 Bar. Working temperature : -10 / +140 °C Capacity : 1130 L Atex unit : Ex II 2G IIB Equipments on the equipment : Input for level indicator Wash nozzles x 16 Wash balls x 2 Top air wash nozzles with Novaseptic Valve

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Zeppelin - 400 L powder feed hopper

Zeppelin – 400 L Hopper / Receiver Cartridge Filter

Application: Powder receiver filter. Stainless steel unit with external part in stainless steel 1.4301 for feeding and dosing powders by depressurization. This equipment can be used as a hopper in a conveying system where the filters allow the separation of air / product (powder). ASSOCIATED MATERIALS: Aerzen GM7L / Infastaub MKR 0-1/20 – Blower + Filter. 1 – UEB 800

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Pall - FSI Filter Bags

Pall – FSI Filter Bags

Multi-bag filter in 316 L stainless steel. Total filtering surface 5.76 m2 Equipped with 12 U bag support baskets in 316 perforated ion. Filter element 12 bags size 20 Volume 735 L Weight: 380 Kg Bag type: 12 PO 31 C Maximum recommended flow rate: 480 m3/h Inlet / outlet diameter : 250 mm Max temperature : 100°C Max pressure

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Mavag funda mavadisc - Horizontal Disc Filter
Sold: not available

Mavag funda mavadisc – Horizontal Disc Filter

FUNDA® /MAVADISC® R-15-33-800-40-1680 Horizontal disc filter with centrifugal discharge Material 2.4602 Hastelloy Filter area 15 m2 Atex: II 3GD EEx ib IIC T4 Documents  R-15-33-800-40-1680.pdf Filter vessel Vessel diameter 1’000 mm Cylindrical height ca. 1’610 mm Vessel volume total (approx) 1’680 ltr Vessel design pressure vessel -1 / 6 barg Vessel design temperature vessel -20/150 °C Insulation option 100 mm

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