Zeppelin – 400 L Hopper / Receiver Cartridge Filter

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Application: Powder receiver filter.

Stainless steel unit with external part in stainless steel 1.4301 for feeding and dosing powders by depressurization.

This equipment can be used as a hopper in a conveying system where the filters allow the separation of air / product (powder).

ASSOCIATED MATERIALS: Aerzen GM7L / Infastaub MKR 0-1/20 – Blower + Filter.

1 – UEB 800 Eco jet filter, vacuum tight

Filter surface: 14,0 m2

Filter material: FM02

Depressurisation: 500 mbar

ATEX classification

Sold with new filters.

2 – 0.4 m3 hopper with tangential inlet.

3 – Level sensor RN 3001A (Atex)

Execution : rotary vane

4 – Rotary valve A1 250/10 WC-II

Dosing capacity: approx. 3000 kg/h

Power: 0,55 kW

ATEX classification

5 – Pneumatic closing valve

Nominal diameter: 250 mm

6 – Down pipe with compressed air injection system on the sides.

7 – Pneumatically operated gate valve.

Nominal diameter: 250 mm