Aerzen GM7L / Infastaub MKR 0-1/20 – Blower unit + Filter.

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1 – Aerzen GM7L – Rotary lobe blower unit

Delta Blower generation 5.

Positive pressure.

Suction pressure: 0,613 bar

Discharge pressure: 1.013 bar

Power : 7.5 kW

Flow rate: 420 m3/h

Oil free

ATEX classification

Weight : 381 kg

Equipment sold with original filter + a new one.

Blower with silencer, frame integrating a resonance absorber, machine feet, connection to the body with silencer for non-return valve, safety valve, vaccuostat with pressure gauge.

2 – Infastaub MKR 0-1/20 – Secondary safety filter

Temperature: 0°C/+40°C

Filter surface: 20 m2

Volume: 360 m3/h

Structural resistance: – 500 mbar

Filter quality: H14

Filter body : Stainless steel

ATEX classification

Equipment sold with original filter + a new one.