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How a bagging machine works?

An automatic or semi-automatic bagging machine is an industrial machine that allows the rapid packaging and wrapping of different types of products.

The bagging process is performed by a reel of film, paper or other selected material, which wraps the products to put them in bags or sacks. The machine manages the weighing and dosing of the product as well as the forming and sealing of pouches.

The product is first fed by a feeding system (conveyor) or manually. It is then weighed in order to fill, seal and cut bags. This equipment allows products to be packed in various sizes and formats.

The different type of bagging machines

There are different types of bagging machines and solutions to meet the needs of companies.

Horizontal bagging machine and Flowpack bagger

Called flow pack or FFS (Form fill sealing machine), horizontal bagging machines are machines used to package solid products. Thanks to a reel of film, the machine allows the creation of sachets as well as the wrapping of various types of products and containers: foods, cosmetics, electronics, pharmaceuticals …. The pouch can be a primary or secondary packaging.

Depending on the models, the speed of a horizontal bagging machine can vary from less than 50 units to more than 200 units/minute.

Example of products to package :

– Chocolate bars, biscuits, nougats, pastries, ice cream…

– Soap, batches of jars, …

– Fruit or vegetable trays

The product is fed automatically or semi-automatically by a conveyor system. It can also be placed manually. The product arrives directly into the open package created by the film reel. Bags are then cut and sealed individually or in a string, before being placed in a container, box or case. This material allows bags with 2, 3 or 4 longitudinal seams to be made.

Optional: some machines have a printing unit in order to personalise the packaging.

Vertical bagging machine

A vertical bagging machine is used to package liquids, creams, granules or products in rows or in bulk.

Also called VFFS (vertical form fill seal sealing machine), vertical form fill sealers are machines used to package solid products or liquid, granular, gelatinous or creamy substances.

These machines are very frequently used in the food and confectionery sectors.

The dosing of the product can be carried out by different means. Generally, for solid products, a multihead weigher is used.

Bags are cut and sealed individually or in a string before being placed in a container, box or case. Bags can have 3 or 4 seals.

The central part of a vertical bagging machine is the forming unit. It allows the bags to be formed and sized accurately. This part can be changed according to the needs of the company.

A complete and automatic vertical bagging unit is used to transfer the product and then measure, form, fill and seal a bag.

Example of product to be wrapped :

– Food products: Sugar, salt, pasta, popcorn, chips, grated cheese, sweets, salads, frozen vegetables, …

– Golf balls, spare parts, soil, fertilizers …

– Cosmetic products or samples, sauces: mayonnaise, ketchup

– Ice sticks

Optional: some equipment has a printing unit

Inclined bagging machine

Similar to vertical bagging machines, inclined bagging machines allow the production of bags and sticks from a flat film reel. Lower than vertical bagging machines, the inclination of these machines limits the drop effect on the products.

These machines are generally used with fragile products, especially food products. These versatile machines are compact and can therefore be used in a wide range of environments.

The product is inserted automatically or semi-automatically from the top thanks to a conveyor system. The product can be dispensed by various methods: multihead weigher, counting by vibrating bowls or worm screw or volumetric dispensing.

Example of product to be packed :

– biscuits, pastries, baked goods

– Folded textiles: t-shirt, household linen, …

– Ice cream sticks

Some bagging machines have an adjustable inclination that allows the machine to become completely vertical or horizontal.

Optional: some equipments have a printing unit to create the bags and personalise the packaging.

Doypack bagging machine

DOYPACK® is a flexible, pre-formed, stand-up pouch format used in the packaging industry. This bag format is known for its flexibility, strength (=protection), aesthetics and accessibility. The DOYPACK® format has been designed and developed by the company Thimonnier.

In packaging, it is used for its light weight and the small space it occupies. The Doypack format also has a more interesting ecological impact than other materials such as plastic, used by other types of bagging machines.

Doypack bags are available in different formats: pre-formed with or without a cap (gourd), zip, clip, perforation with a straw…

Depending on the product used, the Doypack bag can be made of kraft, white paper, aluminium or transparent, opaque or coloured plastic.

Doypack bagging machines allow the packaging and wrapping of various products. This equipment can usually package several formats automatically or semi-automatically.

Examples of products to be packed:
– Juices, compotes, oils, dairy products
– Shampoo, creams,
– Sugar, spices…

Optional: some machines allow the product to be sterilised before bagging (UHT treatment). The bags can be filled aseptically or filled on conventional packaging lines.

Manufacturing process, filling and sealing of a Doypack pouch :
1) Loading
2) Opening
3) Inflation and detection
4) Dosage
5) Bag tension
6) Welding
7) Ejection