Ulma / Vendée concept – Bagging line

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Tray packaging line (sorter + bagger) :

– Sorting machine Vendée concept Calibra T / Year 2017

– Flow-pack bagging machine Ulma Florida / Year 2003

– Marking system Videojet / Year 2016

– Automatic conveyor Vendée concept / Year 2018

Current format: Tray 500 gr (tray height 65mm width 110 and length 190)
Second recorded format: Tray 250 gr (tray height 50mm, width 98 and length 140).

Possible to package 1 kg (tray height 108mm, width 125 and length 192).

The automatic weighing unit can weigh products up to 3 kg.

Changeover is done quickly by changing the software parameters and changing 3 mechanical settings.

Maximum capacity of the line is 65 units/minute with the use of the Vendée Concept weighing unit and 80 units/minute without the weigher.

The flow pack wrapping machine used alone can reach up to 110 units/minute.