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Checkweigher operation

A checkweigher, also known as a weight checking machine, is used to automatically and continuously sort and control products according to their weight. The machine helps to define and check if the product weight is meeting specified limits and company expectations.

Check weighers are used in a wide range of industrial sectors: food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics…

Depending on their stage of intervention, these machines can sort raw, pre-packed or packaged products. Weight sorting machines are often set up at the beginning or the end of a production line.

Installation at the beginning of the line

Placed before the product is packaged, the check-weigher is used to identify if the product is complete, compliant and ready for sale. It enables to control the weight of products. If the product does not match, because it is broken or there is a part missing, it is detected and ejected from the conveyor system.

Placing at the end of the line

However, the machine can be installed once the product has been packaged, after a cartoner or bagger for example, to detect any defects. Checkweighers are suitable for many types of packaging and wrapping such as trays, boxes, bottles, bags, cases, cartons, etc…

How does it work?

On the control panel, the user defines the desired weight and a tolerance level accepted. The products are conveyed to the weighing cell by a conveyor system. It is then weighed by the sorter. If the weight corresponds as indicated by the user, the product continues the manufacturing process.

However, if the weight is lower or higher than the requested weight, the product is rejected and exits its trajectory. Non-conforming products are most of the time ejected by a pneumatic system and conveyed to a dedicated container. They will then be collected and studied by the company to understand defects and perhaps detect an error on the production line.

The checkweigher answers to a specific need. It is chosen according to the weight and the type of products, but also according to the precision and tolerance provided by the equipment as well as its rate/speed.

Some units can include additional functions such as a metal detector.

Buying and selling a checkweigher

Buying a second-hand sorting machine remains a high investment for some companies. Prices vary depending on the condition, brand, location and year of manufacture of the machine.

Osertech offers a selection of available and functional second-hand machines, ready for use, in order to satisfy the needs of any type of budget.