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Weigma – Associative weigher VPV45 Duo

The equipment presented is a weighing line equipped with a weighing machine type VPV45 Duo, it is composed of the following elements: – An elevator belt type goose neck type – An oscillating feed belt – One WEIGMA multihead weigher with double head vibrating lane 2 VPV45 (two channels) – A screened enclosure, with a wicket door access – A

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Bilwinco DW6014-D - Weighing line

Bilwinco DW6014-D – Weighing line

Multihead weigher with platform and conveyor. Manufacturer: Bilwinco Model: DW6014-D Year: 2006 Power consumption: 5000 VA Weighing range: 10g – 1000g IK max : 10 KA Frequency: 50 Hz Voltage: 3 x 400V, PE Compressed air: 5 – 10 bar Equipment included : 1 x Multi-head dosing machine 4 x feet 1 x Spare parts 1 x Elevator conveyor with

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Ishida CCW-R-216B-D/30-WP
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Ishida CCW-R-216B-D/30-WP – Multihead weigher

Manufacturer: Ishida Model: CCW-R-216B-D/30-WP Year: 08/2006 Number of heads: 16 Waffle stainless steel buckets Computer control panel Documentation available Operation – 2MIX: double weighing (used as two separate weighers 50/50) – Single product: single weighing (used as a single weigher)

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Multihead weighers and packaging solutions

Multihead Weighing Machines are reliable and accurate weighing solutions used for dosing / weighing and packaging food and non-food products (chemical, pharmaceutical, …) with fast flow.

A multihead weigher is able to determine and display the weight of different products like a scale. Equipped with a number of heads arranged in line(s) or on a crown (generally 10 to 24) around a central frame, multihead weighers offer precision, reliability, hygiene and high capacity.

The multihead weigher calculates the weight of each portion present in the weighing heads. With the help of a microprocessor, the machine determines, from the different portions, the perfect combination at the desired weight of the final portion.

Operation of an associative filler

This machines work simply and efficiently. The product is conveyed to the top of the multihead weigher. It is then spread in the hoppers of the pool, also called the dispersion table.

Each feed hopper of the pool loads the product into a weighing hopper below. This movement is repeated as soon as the weighing hopper is empty. The software combines the weight of each head and establishes the ideal combination in order to obtain the desired weight.

Finally, selected hoppers discharge the product to bring it to the packaging or into a distribution system through. An additional step of hoppers can be added to increase the number of possible combinations for the computer. This will improve the speed and accuracy of the execution.

Dispersion is done by gravity, vibration or centrifugal force, while feeding (automatic multihead weigher) is performed by a conveyor system: vibration, gravity, belts or through a worm gear system. If the feeding is done manually, it is referred to as a semi-automatic multihead weigher.

A multihead weigher has 3 functions:

– Bag / sachet / pouch filling (e. g. in combination with a vertical bagging machine).

–  Trays filling (associated with a thermoformer and sealer)

– Weighting and mixing production. The weigher computer determines the weight of each product in each weighing hopper. Next, it calculates the combination closest to the target weight and discharge the right quantity of product.

Example of products to use with these machines:

– Candy, confectionery, snacks, biscuits

– Cereals, dried fruits

– Frozen and fresh products

– Meat, fish, poultry

Buy and sell a multihead weigher

Buying a second-hand machine remains a high investment for some companies. Prices vary depending on the condition, make, location and year of manufacture of the machine.

Osertech offers a selection of available and functional multihead weighers, ready to use, to satisfy the needs of any type of budget.

Known brands: Ishida, Yamoto, …