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Thermoforming and sealing machine

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How does a thermoforming and sealing machine work?

A thermoforming and sealing machine creates and molds packaging from plastic material. This equipment is used in particular to manufacture containers, trays or cups by thermoforming.

The raw material (plastic) is fed on a reel or a raw plate. The machine heats the plastic to a high temperature in order to soften it. The plastic then takes on its final and definitive shape with the help of a mould.

Thin thermoforming is used when a plastic material is in the form of a reel. This process starts by heating the plastic in order to make it soft. This is then applied to a mould to transform and adjust the plastic to a specific shape.

Moulding can be performed in positive with a shape buffer (punch mould / die) or in negative by pressure or suction (under vacuum).

Thermoforming and sealing: trays

A tray thermoforming machine, also known as a tray thermoformer, is a machine that thermoforms industrial trays, particularly food or pharmaceutical trays (vials, ampoules, syringes).

A tray is a small, light and rigid container, used for the packaging and wrapping of products. These packages are formed from flexible or rigid plastic films or sheets (Polyethylene PET, Polyethylene PE, Polysthirene PS, …).

In addition to the forming process, many thermoforming machines also handle the cutting, filling and sealing of trays.

Some tray sealing thermoforming machines are equipped with a gas injection option. Protective atmosphere packaging involves replacing the internal atmosphere of a package with a gas mixture adapted to the product in order to maintain the shape, colour and freshness of the product. It is usually a mixture of carbon dioxide, nitrogen and oxygen.

Machines that do not have a filling and sealing station for the packages are usually equipped with a stacking station for the empty packages.  These machines are not to be confused with carton trays.

Thermoforming and sealing: cups

A jar is a small, light and rigid container, generally cylindrical or cylindrical-conical, mainly intended to contain household liquids or food (yoghurts, custards, dessert creams, compotes, etc.).

Many thermoforming machines take care of more than just forming: cutting, filling and sealing cups. These machines are called FFS (form fill sealing) lines. Some machines are also equipped with a topping unit.

Buy and sell a thermoforming machine

Buying a second-hand thermoforming sealing machine remains a high investment for some companies. Prices vary depending on the condition, brand, location and year of manufacture of the machine.

Osertech offers a selection of used packaging machines that are available and functional, ready to use, in order to satisfy the needs of any type of budget.