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What is the Doypack format?

DOYPACK® is a flexible, pre-formed, stand-up pouch format used in the packaging industry. This bag format is famous for its flexibility, robustness (= protection), aesthetics and accessibility. DOYPACK® format has been created and designed by Thimonnier company.

In packaging, doypack is used due to its light weight and the limited space it requires. This format also has a positive ecological impact compared to other materials such as plastic, which is used by other types of bagging machines.

Doypack pouches are available in different formats: pre-formed with or without a cap, zip, clip, perforation with a straw, etc.

Depending on the product used, the Doypack sachet can be made of kraft, white paper, aluminium or transparent, opaque or coloured plastic.

Doypack bagging machines

Doypack bagging machines are used to pack and package various products. This equipment can usually handle several formats in an automatic or semi-automatic way.

Examples of products to package :

– Juices, compotes, oils, dairy products
– Shampoo, creams,
– Sugar, spices…

Optional: some machines include a sterilisation process before bagging (UHT treatment). Pouches can be filled aseptically or filled on conventional packaging lines.

Manufacturing process, filling and sealing of a Doypack pouch :

1) Loading
2) Opening
3) Blowing and detection
4) Dosing
5) Bag tension
6) Welding
7) Ejection

Buying and selling a Doypack machine

A Doypack machine is visually close to a horizontal bagging machine. The forming and sealing process takes place horizontally. However, the product is fed and introduced into the bags from the top as on a vertical bagging machine.

Buying a second-hand doypack bagging machine is still a high investment for some companies. Prices vary depending on the condition, brand, location and year of manufacture of the machine.

Osertech offers a selection of used packaging machines that are available and functional, ready to use, in order to meet the needs of any budget.

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