JASA 350 S Inclined / vertical bagging machine

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VFFS type inclined/vertical packaging machines from Jasa solution packaging.

Stainless steel assembly
Bag length : 0 – 600 mm
Capacity : 80 bags / min
Width: 80 – 250 mm by changing the format
Current format 235 mm width.
Possibility to change the conformer for a new bag format
Memory of 30 settings
Synchronisation with any kind of dosing/weighing system possible

The JASA 350 is suitable for packaging bulk goods in bags from a film roll. The machine can be adapted to produce different types of bags. The constructions are made of stainless steel and are therefore very suitable for the food industry. The machine is equipped with an industrial PC operating system and is very easy to use thanks to the JASA display. Several programs can be stored and selected.

Three-phase current 400V + N + PE

Air: 6 bar – 200 l / min
4 Kw