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SGD Debalpack 800 - Unpacker for bottles

SGD Debalpack 800 – Unpacker for bottles

Saint-Gobain Desjonqueres Debalpack 800. Unpacker of bottles under film. Year 1986 Saint Gobain accumulation table Introduction of the pack in automatic Automatic pack opening Automatic bottle transfer Automatic film evacuation Automatic film ejection History, documentation and electrical diagrams available

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PRB Destratus 4 - Depalletiser

PRB Destratus 4 – Depalletiser

Automated system for picking packs of bottles or cartons from a pallet. The equipment ensures continuous feeding of empty bottles to the rest of the line. Safety light curtain. UniOP control panel. History, documentation and wiring diagram available

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Ulma / Vendée concept - Bagging line

Ulma / Vendée concept – Bagging line

Tray packaging line (sorter + bagger) : – Sorting machine Vendée concept Calibra T / Year 2017 – Flow-pack bagging machine Ulma Florida / Year 2003 – Marking system Videojet / Year 2016 – Automatic conveyor Vendée concept / Year 2018 Current format: Tray 500 gr (tray height 65mm width 110 and length 190) Second recorded format: Tray 250 gr

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Transvis - Datamatrix printing and labelling unit

Transvis – Datamatrix printing and labelling unit

Data matrix labelling and marking module (printing + distribution + control) Brand = Transvis and Avery Dennison CE Declaration of Conformity Quantity : 3 Machine 1 : Avery labeller : ALX 720R (Year 10/2001) + Transvis datamatrix code reading and control unit (Year 12/2010) Machine 2: Avery labeller: ALX 720R (Year 08/1999) + Transvis datamatrix code reading and control unit

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ERCA - RK3 / Yogurt packaging machine

ERCA – RK3 / Yogurt packaging machine

Forming, filling and sealing machine for yoghurt cups Original ERCA packaging machine (FFS – forming, filling, sealing) type RK3. This machine was reconditioned in 1998 by the company CMA. Nominal output: 21,000 pots per hour. It is equipped with a decoration unit. A cutting tool for standard 63×63 mm cups with two formats X4 and X6. Heating is by radiation.

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Pharmaceutical bottle filling / packaging line

Complete line for bottles composed of : Depalletizer, unpacker, bottle blower, filler- screw capper, cartoner, carton labeller, case packer and palletizer. Equipment out of production in 2020 Documentation available + lots of spare parts for each machine. 2 formats available. Capacity : 6000 bottles/hour in 370 ml 7500 bottles/hour in 200 ml. Complete line for bottles composed of the following

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BFB M32N - Heat shrink tunnel

BFB M32N – Heat shrink tunnel

Continuous Heat shrink tunnel of BFB Packaging S. R. L. model M32N. Adjustable manual damper Internal circulation fan Exit cooling fan 380 V / 50 Hz Control panel with digital temperature regulation, emergency stop, painted steel construction and mounted on four adjustable feet. Material used to apply heat shrinkable film to bundles, packages, packs.

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BWI FP Aerofill Starpack PC 24 - Remplisseuse Aerosol

BWI FP Aerofill Starpack PC 24 – Aerosol filler

Automatic Aerosol filling and crimping machine. Spray bottle equipment. Cycle = Blowing / Product filling / Valve installation / Valve crimping / Gas filling / Pressure control / Pump installation / Cover installation – Aerosol 30 ml – Current format: 30 ml filling on bottles d.43 x h.86 mm, valve neck 20 mm – Dosing with Hibar pumps HDB-2B-CV –

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Neri – Fardo labeling machine SL400 AS

The labelling machine NERI Type SL 400 AS is designed to complete the needs of continuous packaging of self-adhesive identification and designation labels. Previously used for the labelling of bundles. Minimum / maximum product size: Width : 60 / 220 mm Length: – / 120 mm Height: – / 100 mm Power supply: 220 – 380/415 V Pneumatic supply: 6

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