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Volpak Pak 1300 - Horizontal cartoner

Volpak Pak 1300 – Horizontal cartoner

Manufacturer: Volpak Volpak Year: 1989 Type: automatic horizontal cartoning machine with intermittent operation. Capacity: max .80 cycles / min Formats : Width (W): 30 x 140 mm Length (H): 55 x 165 mm Height (B): 15 x 75 mm Leaflet: Pre-folded leaflet insert Types of boxes: alternating or opposite legs Dimensions: 380 x 130 x 175 cm Documentation available Plan

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Pester SLP  2K
 - Encaisseur / Palettiseur

Pester SLP 2K
 – Case packer / Palletiser

Combined automatic pharmaceutical machine : case packer (case packing unit) + palletizer Brand : PESTER Model : SLP 2K Year : 2010 Capacity: up to 8 cartons/min Case packing: shaping, filling, taping on the case Palletizing: Kuka robot arm – Positioning, case control on pallets. Pallets 1200 x 800 and 1200 × 1000 Sizes Case Size Mini / Maxi: 230

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PRB Newpocket - Case packer

PRB Newpocket – Case packer

Case packer from 1993 refurbished by the manufacturer in 2009. Automatic packing of boxes with cardboard group by rows and by stacking in a cardboard box with closure. Max. production: 20 to 30 cycles / minute Nordson Problue4 glue generator Label removal Delna DS 14 History, documentation and electrical diagrams available. Spare parts available. Product length 50 – 130 mm

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CAM HF 77-8 - Cartoner

CAM HF 77-8 – Cartoner

Automatic continuous cartoner CAM HF 77-8 Refurbished by the manufacturer in 2004. A size range: 20mm to 70mm Size range B: 12mm to 70mm C format range: 50mm to 200mm ; Format range A + B max: 140mm Distribution of leaflets. Previous use: packaging of syrup bottles. History, documentation and wiring diagram available; Spare parts available.

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CAM AV65 - Vertical cartoner
Sold: not available

CAM AV65 – Vertical cartoner

Manufacturer: CAM Model: AV65 Year: – Type: automatic vertical cartoning machine   Product insertion : manual Leaflet insertion : available Capacity : two speeds Covers and safety devices Lenze sensors: reading of barcode leaflets and cartons. Busch vacuum pump Single shot action kit   Carton sizes / Formats : A – Width: 20 – 115 mm B – Length: 15

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Cam Pmm
Sold: not available

CAM PMM – Intermittent motion cartoner

Horizontal cartoning machine with intermittent movements. Video in running condition available Options : Spoon deposit + flat leaflets Previous use: tubes and bottles 4 point hot melt tamper evident Documentation available Formats Current format: 63 x 70 x 137 mm Width: 15 mm – 90 mm max Height: 12 mm – 70 mm max Length: 50 mm – 200 mm

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The use of carton in the packaging industry

Carton is a safe, economical and environmentally friendly packaging often used in the packaging sector. This explains the success of the cartoning machine in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics/perfume and food sectors. There are two different types of carton packaging machines.

Used cartoner and cartoning machine

Cartoners or cartoning machines are used in the packaging sector to package products in cartons or boxes. A cartoner forms carton packages: straight, closed, folded, side seal and sealed cartons. The machine shapes the cartons from pre-cut folding boxes and inserts the product, a leaflet and additional parts into them. The cartoner then closes the carton by snapping the flaps or using glue.

Used case packer and tray packer

Case packers and tray packers are used to produce case or tray packaging from cardboard. These packages contribute to ease the transport and mobility of products as well as to enhance their protection. Case packers or tray packers form the package from flat cardboard boxes and insert the products into them. Before being formed, boxes are usually stored in the machine’s automatic storage area.

Buy and sell carton packaging machine

Buying a second-hand carton packaging machine remains a high investment for some companies. Prices vary depending on the condition, brand, location and year of manufacture of the machine. Osertech offers a wide range of equipment and machinery available, helping buyers to find the best cartoning machine opportunities.