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The use of case packers and case erectors in industry

A case packer is used to package finished products in carton boxes before delivery. These machines are used for overwrapping single or batch products.

The case packer is a machine installed at the end of production line. This machine is easily suitable for different sizes and formats of cases and products.

Also known as case erectors, case packing machines provide additional protection for products and facilitate their transport and placing on pallets.

A case packer is able to form the box, prepare the products in batches, then pack and close the whole. The packaging can be an open carton box (fruit and vegetable display) or a closed box.

Type of products to be packaged :

– Yoghurts, cheese, dairy products

– Soft drinks, beer, wine & sparkling wine, spirits

– Fruit, meat and vegetable products

– Ready meals, baby food

– Biscuits, chocolate, sugar, confectionery, bakery, pastries, pastries, etc.

– Animal feedstuffs

– Hygiene, cosmetics

– Pharmaceutical products

– Other non-food products

How a case packing machine works ?

Carton packaging is an economical and safe form of packaging, often used in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries. There are several types of automatic or semi-automatic case packers available according to the needs of the companies.

– Vertical case packers (top loading)

– Horizontal case packers (top loading)

– Side loaders (side loading)

– compact, monobloc robotic case packers

The finished product is fed to the carton packaging by a conveyor system. Depending on the equipment, it is grouped and placed in the case by a gripper. The gripper can be fixed on a pick and place robot arm. Filling can also take place with a pusher system. The products are then pushed into the cartons presented. Depending on the model, the product is presented vertically or horizontally. Packing is carried out from the top of the carton.

Wrap around case packer

When the carton is completely wrapped around the products and closed (wrap around cartons), it is referred to as a wrap around case packer.

Wrap around case packers are designed to form carton packs from flat blanks loaded into the machine’s storage magazine. Some packers feature a magazine for empty flat-folded cases and conveyors for outfeed of the cases to palletizers.

Buying and selling a case packer

Buying a used cash register remains a high investment for some companies. Prices vary depending on the condition, make, location and year of manufacture of the machine.

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