Pharmaceutical bottle filling / packaging line

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Complete line for bottles composed of : Depalletizer, unpacker, bottle blower, filler- screw capper, cartoner, carton labeller, case packer and palletizer.

Equipment out of production in 2020

Documentation available + lots of spare parts for each machine.

2 formats available.

Capacity :
6000 bottles/hour in 370 ml
7500 bottles/hour in 200 ml.

Complete line for bottles composed of the following elements:

PRB Depalletiser – Destratus
Year: 2004
Installation of PRB in 2004

Depacker / Accumulation table St Gobain Debalpack 800
Year: 1986

NO LONGER AVAILABLE : IMA Mystral – Bottle Blower
Y16 LB3023
Year: 2009

Monoblock filling / sealing bottles: IMA Farmomac F370 18VL 8C
Filler + screw capper / sealer
Year: 1987
Refurbished in 2004

NO LONGER AVAILABLE : Flexlink conveyor and accumulation table
Year: 2004

Cartoning machine CAM HF 77-8
Leaflet insertion
Refurbished in 2004

SFE carton labeller

PRB Newpocket case packer
Year: 1993
Updated and Refurbished by PRB in 2009

NO LONGER AVAILABLE : Palletiser PRB Ministratus
Year: 1999
Adaptation of PRB in 2004

Batteries of PLCs recently changed. Monitoring table available.