R.Deckert / King / Cam – Automatic counting and filling line for bottles

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Automatic line for counting and filling / sealing : tablets, pills and capsules into bottles.

1 – Rudolf Deckert bottle feeding system (year 2007) including :

– R.Deckert FE 250 bulk bottle loading hopper/conveyor
– R.Deckert PS 1000 bottle unscrambler

Equipment allowing the feeding of the line with empty bottles from a bulk discharge.

2 – R.Deckert ABM 600 bottle blowing / cleaning (year 2007)

– With TPG 1700 conveyor
– Integrated control panel

Machine used to clean empty bottles by compressed air.

3 – King TC8 filling unit (year 2006/07)

– TC-8 counting / dispensing module (8 counting lanes, 2 filling lanes).
– Integrated automatic conveyor, operation by AT LC/8 (variable speed drive).
– Integrated control / regulation panel

Automatic tablet, pill, capsule counter with vibrating lanes. Equipped with a vibrating hopper, eight vibrating lanes and two dosing units. The machine is supported by a KING ATLC conveyor and an automatic system to present the empty bottles to the dosing heads.

4 – CAM TRE EMME T40V bottle sealing machine (year 2005)

– Pre-sealing + screwing of the bottles.
– Capping head also available
– Vibrating bowl + cap conveyor
– Electrical panel / Control panel

Automatic screwing machine, equipped with a single capping group with capping heads for several different sizes of caps.

Additional information

Numerous spare parts and formats available including
Format and spare parts for the blow moulder
Spare parts for the King equipment
Format and spare parts for bottle sealer (heads, electrics, wheels, gluing height …)
List of sizes available on request.