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Soco System T-400 - Scotcheuse avec module de pliage

Soco System T-400 – Case sealer with folding unit

1 – Semi-automatic lower flap folder Manufacturer : Soco System Model: F-100-P Year : 2000 Carton size : Min. carton width: 320 mm Max. carton width: 520 mm Max. case length: 700 mm 2 – Automatic case and flap sealer / Tape sealing machine Manufacturer: Soco System Soco System Model: T-400 5-5-7 Year: 1989 Adhesive top and bottom closure. Capacity:

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Carton Sealer EXC-103SD - Tape sealer
Sold: not available

Carton Sealer EXC-103SD – Tape sealer

Manufacturer : Carton sealing machine (Feifer ?) Model: EXC-103SD Year : – Type: Semi-automatic taping machine   Lateral drive belts. Setting : manual Format : min: L 120 x W 100 x H 120 mm maxi : unlimited x l 500 x h 500 mm

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