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Grenier-Charvet E35 – Butterfly mixer

Manufacturer: Grenier – Charvet Model: E 35 Year: 1974 ( Compliance file dated 2001) Type : Paste mixer / butterfly mixer   Motor power : 35 CV – 25 KW Speed variation : mechanical Previous use : Paint tank 1160 L and 440 L Agitation tool: Ø 1260 mm butterfly/clover type (Ø 950 mm possible) Tank clamping: pneumatic   Vertical

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Grenier - Charvet E11 - Butterfly mixer

Grenier-Charvet E11 – Butterfly mixer

Manufacturer: Grenier – Charvet Model: E 11 Year: 1973 ( Conformity certificate in 2001) Type : High viscosity paste mixer   Motor power : 15 CV – 11 KW Speed variation : mechanical Previous use : Paint 220 L and 440 L vessels Mixing tool: Ø 960 mm butterfly Vessel clamping: pneumatic   Vertical movement: hydraulic unit Height in low

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