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Ima Mistral Y16 – Bottle Blower Cleaner

– Max. output: 200 u / min – 380 V / 50 Hz / 3.5 kW – Previously used formats: 200 ml and 370 ml bottles – Size changeover by clamping bottles. – External vacuum unit included with the machine. – Equipment for dry cleaning of glass or plastic bottles that does not require washing with water, but the simple

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Coris - Linear blowing machine for bottles
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Coris – Linear blowing machine for bottles

Quantity available: 2 (scroll photo). Equipment sold separately. Machine 1: Type 3200 / year 2000 / N°1005 Machine 2: Type 3200 / year 1999 / N°1004 Blowing machines (cleaning machines) for empty bottles by inverting / turning over and blowing then putting the bottles back in line. At the infeed, 2 motorised side belts push the bottles inside a turning

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