Coris – Linear blowing machine for bottles

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Quantity available: 2 (scroll photo).

Equipment sold separately.

Machine 1: Type 3200 / year 2000 / N°1005

Machine 2: Type 3200 / year 1999 / N°1004

Blowing machines (cleaning machines) for empty bottles by inverting / turning over and blowing then putting the bottles back in line.

At the infeed, 2 motorised side belts push the bottles inside a turning tube.
The accumulated products are turned over inside the tube, pass over a blowing nozzle which eliminates the impurities, and placed back in place at the machine outlet.

Simultaneous blowing and suction and vacuuming of the impurities.

One tube per format. Quick tube changeover.

Max. output: 12,000 bottles / hour, adjustable via frequency converter. The choice of format on the display determines the output.

2 gear motors (push banders at the input)

Small size, technical simplicity, low maintenance, easy to install between 2 conveyors.

Dimensions : L 1350 x W 630 x H 1700. Weight : 150 Kg

Air filtration 0.01 µm or optional PALL filter

Accumulable rigid products and bottles, made of glass, cardboard, plastic (except PET), metal.

Products: Ø 20 to 100 mm x height 40 to 300 mm

10 sizes available including: 49 X 114.4 / 44 X 92.9 / 43 X 103.1 / 51.6 X 111.5 / 48.8 X 104.8 / 38.3 X 93.2 / 61.7 X 142.9

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1999, 2000


Good condition




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