GEA Westfalia Milk Skimmer pro 40 – Milk separator

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Manufacturer: GEA Westfalia

Model: Milk Skimmer pro 40

Year: 2022 (new, never used)

Type: centrifugal separator for skimming milk


Bowl design: self-cleaning drum (automatic discharge)

Nominal bowl speed: 8200 rpm

Maximum product density: 1 kg / dm3

Flow rate: 5000 – 10000 L/H


Product discharge

Closed circuit discharge with double pumps

CIP Cleaning in place CIP without dismantling

Frame Mild steel, grey varnish

Start-up Flat belt drive

Feed pressure 1.0 bar

Skimmed milk delivery pressure 3.0 bar

Delivery pressure for cream 2.0 bar

Dimensions (L x W x H) 1320 x 740 x 1350 mm

Weight of bowl 205 kg

Total weight 922 kg

Power rating 15 kW


1 Set of spare parts for commissioning (bowl seals, lubricants)

1 Specific tool kit for bowl disassembly/reassembly

1 Stainless steel frame as base plate

1 Fully automatic separator control: Siemens SIMATIC CPU 1215C – SIMATIC

The control panel includes machine safety (bowl speed control, motor temperature control, etc.). An emergency stop button is located on the front panel.