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Alexanderwerk WP 120 - Compacteur à rouleaux

Alexanderwerk WP120 X 40V – Roller compactor

Manufacturer : Alexanderwerk Model: WP120x40V Year : 1999 Type : Roller compactor Application: dry granulation Materials : Stainless steel Roller diameter – 120 mm Roller width – 40 mm Capacity: up to 40 kg/h (lactose) Maximum pressing force – 20 kN/cm Maximum roller gap – 4 mm Maximum roller speed – 15 rpm Equipment includes : Allan Bradley PLC interface

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Gerteis Macro pactor 250/100/3 - Roller Compactor

Gerteis Macro pactor 250/100/3 – Roller Compactor

Manufacturer: Gerteis Model: GMP-Polygran Macro Pactor 250/100/3 Year: 2004 Type: roller compactor, granulation unit for the pharmaceutical industry. Feeding screw Tamping screw Compaction zone with pressure rollers Granulation area with star rotor and screen Force: 1 – 20 KN/cm Gap width: 1.0 – 6.0 mm Pressure roller speed: 1 – 30 rpm Roller diameter: 250 mm Roller width: 100 mm

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Alexanderwerk WP50 N/75 - Roll compactor
Sold: not available

Alexanderwerk WP50 N/75 – Roll compactor

Stainless steel (inox) Roll width: 75 mm Max nominal output capacity : from 40 kg to 80 kg per hour – depending on the products and application. Equipment composed of : a rotary valve a feed hopper with breaker agitator and level sensor. Screw block x2 Becker vacuum pump A roller press Bosch hydraulic system associated with the press Outlet

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Roller compactors and dry granulation

A roller compactor is an industrial machine present in the pharmaceutical, food or chemical industries. This equipment is used in dry granulation processes (agglomeration of dry powder particles).

Dry granulation has the following advantages :

No use of humidity or liquid to bind the powder particles together
No exposure to temperature for drying.

In the past, dry granulation was mainly carried out by slugging. However, roller compaction is now the most popular method as it offers a higher production capacity and simplified maintenance/monitoring.

How the equipment works

Roller compactors are used to force agglomerate fine powders containing active ingredients and excipients. This process allows the transformation of powders into suitable granules with a controlled density, size and shape.

These machines combine several pieces of equipment:

A – Feed hopper for pouring the powder

B – Powder transfer and feeding system to the rollers (usually screw conveyor)

C – 2 compaction rollers where the powder is compacted, by applying a precisely defined force and a calculated gap between the rollers, to produce a ribbon of ground particles.

D – Sieve mill / granulator (fixed or mobile) for the size reduction of the previous product into granules of desired sizes (grinding).

The granules obtained are then used for the production of tablets (tablet press) or for filling capsules (capsule filler).

Famous brands: Alexanderwerk, Gerteis, Bepex, Fitzpatrick