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NBC elettronica

MG2 AlternA70N – Capsule filler

Manufacturer: MG2 Model: AlternA70N Year: 2018 Video available in operation on request Mechanical operating speed: 70000 capsules / hour Mechanical movement: alternating / discontinu Available formats: size 0 and size 1 3 dosing discs for size 0 capsules (18 – 16.5 – 15 mm) Supplier maintenance beginning of October 2022 before machine availability Air flow rate consumed: 18-21 m3/h Minimum

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MG2 - Capsuler MG2 G38N

MG2 – Capsuler MG2 G38N

Capsule filling machine. – Mechanical design: continuous rotary movements. – 20 stations – Size range accepted by the machine: from 00 to 5 – Formats currently available: n°1 and n°3 – Max. production capacity: 60000 capsules /h – Sorter SC – Stainless steel casing with control panel – Italian brand: MG2 SPA – Installed electrical power: 6.5 KW – Compressed

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IMA – Capsule Filling Machine imatic 200

– Current format: capsule size 0 – 48 posts – Max capacity: 200,000 capsules / hour – Automatic checking weight – Year:  2001 and full revamping in 2011 / 12 – spare parts available. – All documentation and pharmaceutical qualification files available

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Use of a capsule filler

Products: food supplements, vitamins, medicines, …

A capsule filling machine, also known as a capsule filler, is a machine designed to fill and seal capsules with powders, granules or other types of products. These primary packaging machines are used in the capsule packaging process.

Capsule filling machines are found in the pharmaceutical and food industries. These machines can be used alone or integrated into a production line.

A distinction is made between manual, semi-automatic and automatic filling machines. They are suitable for different capsule sizes and types and can be adapted to production requirements. (Format 0, 00, 1, 2, 3, 4)

First, the capsules are opened in half. This step is called separation. They are then conveyed to the filling station.

On an automatic model, capsules are filled automatically by a rotary filler with intermittent or continuous motion. A predefined amount of product is poured into each capsule. The capsules are then checked by a control station. Non-conforming and damaged units will be rejected and ejected from production.

Capsule feeding machines usually have settings to adapt them to the different existing formats. These machines differ from each other in terms of output. This depends mainly on the product used.

Finally, after filling, the capsules are automatically transported to the sealing station. The machine closes the capsules.

This sealing step is followed by the evacuation and discharge of the capsules. The capsules, correctly filled and sealed, are removed from the machine. On a semi-automatic filler, the transfer between each station (separation, filling, sealing) must be done manually.

After this process, the capsules are ready to be packed in a secondary packaging. They can be blister-packed or packed in bottles or boxes.

Optional: external cleaning module via a compressed air jet.

Buy and sell second hand capsule filler

Buying a second-hand capsule filling machine remains a high investment for some companies. Prices vary depending on the condition, brand, location and year of manufacture of the machine.

Osertech offers a selection of available and functional second-hand filling machines, ready to use, to satisfy the needs of any type of budget.