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Binder KBF 240 - Climatic chamber

Binder KBF 240 – Climatic chamber

Manufacturer: Binder Model: KBF 240 Type : Climatic chambers with constant conditions Maximum temperature: 100°C Humidity control using a humidity sensor and steam humidification Power : 2.25 kW Volume: 240 litres

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Firlabo FI727B - Incubateur

Firlabo FI727B – Incubator

Manufacturer : Firlabo Model: FI727B Manufacture: May 2001 Type: Incubator / forced convection drying oven Volume : 727 L Power : 3,000 W Temperature: 7 – 65°C 304 stainless steel chamber PID controller Model on wheels

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Heraeus Vötsch  VTRK 500 - Climatic chamber

Heraeus Vötsch VTRK 500 – Climatic chamber

Heraeus Vötsch Climatic chamber VTRK 500. Inner dimensions 745 x 880 x 765mm. Capacity 500L. Door with porthole 350 x 350 / wipers Temperature 10-90°C. Fridge unit in the lower part, under the enclosure Space for storage tank approx. 10l of distilled water. Electrical power 3.1 kW / mono 220 V Overall dimensions: 1100 X 1400 X 2100

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ATLAS CI4000 Weather-Ometer
Sold: not available

ATLAS CI4000 – Weathering Tester

Manufacturer : ATLAS / AMETEK Model: CI4000 Xenon Weather-Ometer Year : – Type: Laboratory weathering chamber via simulation of environmental constraints. Use: laboratory ageing instrument to predict the lifetime of materials / products. (= acceleration of ageing). Documentation : 133_mmcg_ci4000.pdf Rotating sample rack . Water-cooled xenon arc lamp system, 6,500 W. Front and rear spraying of samples. Direct settings and control:

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Binder KBF LQC 240
Sold: not available

Binder KBF LQC 240 – Constant climate chamber

Manufacturer: BINDER BINDER Model: KBF LQC 240 Year: 2020 Type: Model KBF LQC 240 | Constant climate chambers with ICH-compliant light source and light dose control. Application: For photostability tests. Two 3D spherical sensors control the light dose from UV-A and visible light. The KBF LQC range is specially developed to perform tests under constant temperature, humidity and lighting conditions

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SPAME AU350 - Universal oven (200°C)
Sold: not available

SPAME AU350 – Universal oven (200°C)

Manufacturer: SPAME (France étuve) Model: AU350 Type : oven Application : drying / heat treatment   Maximum temperature : 200°C Power : 4 KW   Useful volume : 350 L Internal dimensions : 70 x 50 x 100 cm Overall dimensions : 90 x 70 x 125 cm Weight : 120 KG   Number of plates / grids: 2  

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Sat - Oven 12,5m3
Sold: not available

Sat – Oven 12,5m3

Documentation Technical_drawing.pdf General specifications Interior dimensions 2000 x 2500 x 2500mm (W x H x D) External dimensions 3,040 x 4,365 x 3,085 mm (W x H x D) Monobloc construction Finished weight: 4263.25 kg Performance Max temperature 150°C on air Heating Electrical energy Total heating power 72kW / thyristors Number of control zones 1 Construction Frame: Welded steel sections

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 Ceratherm B13200 - Electric oven
Sold: not available

 Ceratherm B13200 – Electric oven

This machine is designed to heat treat products that are not likely to release flammable or explosive gases or substances at a temperature of 100°C maximum. 9 resistors of 2000 W Total power of 18 kW Depth 3500 mm Width 2850 mm with case Height 3100 mm with extraction motor Weight 2100 kg Electrical box 700x500x250 on the left side

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How an industrial oven works?

An oven, also called heat chamber or furnace, is an enclosure or heating tunnel with enhanced insulation allowing the performance of various heat treatments at controlled temperatures. This equipment generally operates at atmospheric pressure (air) but can sometimes work under vacuum or neutral gas.

The temperature is regulated and controlled by a thermostat. Its maximum is around 400°C. Beyond this, it is called an industrial furnace. They can also be equipped with a cooling unit to maintain a certain temperature. In this case, we speak of refrigerated climatic chambers.

The heat can be supplied from different sources: electricity, gas or fuel oil.

Usually the heated air is introduced into the working area with or without a ventilation system. In this case, it is referred to as a natural or forced convection oven.

Depending on the use and handling of the products, the inside of this equipment can be different.

Material (stainless steel, painted steel, insulation panels, …)
Rollers, glass surface
Removable metal grilles, conveyor, …
Gas extractor / vacuum system

Lab oven

Ovens are often used in laboratories. Commonly called drying ovens or universal ovens, there are several types of laboratory ovens: drying, sterilisation or storage of elements at constant heat. They also allow various tests to be carried out (dry extract content, swelling rate, dissolution, traction, ageing, sterilisation, burn-in tests, hot storage and packaging, etc.).

Furnace / curing oven

In other industries, ovens are used to cure a product or material. In the field of composite materials and paints, for example, they ensure the pre-polymerisation and curing (polymerisation) of parts based on thermosetting resins.

They are also used to carry out post-curing or simply to soften thermoplastic materials in order to sample them (easier cutting) or make them applicable (by reducing viscosity).

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