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Moritz - Mixer

Moritz – Mixer

Manufacturer : Moritz Type : Stirrer / mixer Motor: CEM Power : 2,2 kW Speed: 1420 rpm Stator head diameter: Ø 250 mm Total agitator shaft length: 750 mm

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Silverson BX - Agitateur sur potence

Silverson BX – Stirrer

Manufacturer : Silverson Motor: Marlin Power: 0.75 KW Type: Vertical High Shear Mixer | Immersion Mixers Stirring mechanism: Versatile disintegrating head, recommended for disintegrating solids and preparing gels, thickeners, suspensions, solutions and slurries. Speed: 2900 rpm Head diameter: Ø 120 mm Total length: 900 mm

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Stirrer on wall support 2

Stirrer on wall support

Type : Stirrer Wall support: manual Previous use: paint Motor power : 0,5 KW Classification: Explosion-proof GR.III Stirring mechanism: dispersing tool Mixing head diameter: 150 mm Mixing shaft length: 575 mm Up/down movement: 900 mm

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Stirrer on wall support

Stirrer on wall support

Type : Stirrer Wall support: manual Previous use: paint Motor power : 0,5 KW Classification: Explosion-proof GR.III Stirring unit: Turbine with inclined blades Mixing head diameter: 150 mm Mixing shaft length: 575 mm Up/down movement: 900 mm

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Rayneri Turbotest - Laboratory Mixer

Rayneri Turbotest – Laboratory Mixer (31 units)

Manufacturer: VMI Rayneri Model: Turbotest 33/300 Year: 1997 to 2000 Type: Laboratory stirrer   Version 1: Turbotest Type 33/300 P Available units: 29 Electrical supply: 220 V Power: 440 W Intensity: 2A Max speed : 3300 rpm Variable speed of mixing. Container fixing system. Product presence contact detection. Each equipment is sold with an stirring shaft and a mixing head

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IKA RT 150 KT  - Turbo stirrer

IKA RT 150 KT – Turbo stirrer

Explosion proof motor 3 KW (ADF / ATEX: EExdellCT4) 2870 rpm IP 55 Turbine D.125 Volume, max. with H2O): 5000 l Viscosity, max. 15000 mPas Process pressure (max.) 0 bar Vacuum, max. 100 mbar Process temperature, max. 120 °C Mixing tools Propeller Motor power, standard 3 kW Shaft size D.40 X L.1000 Weight approx. 42 kg New sealing cartridge installed

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Stirrer on stand (Atex)
Sold: not available

Stirrer on stand (Atex)

4-wheel mobile chassis with locks. Up/down: adjustable stirring height. Removable plate. Motor: ATB – Antriebstechnik G. Bauknecht GmbH Power: 0,55 KW Atex class: EExe II T1/T2/T3 Siemens variable speed drive Dimensions: 70 x 105 x 200 cm.

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IKA ultra turrax UTC 150/KT
Sold: not available

IKA ultra turrax UTC 150/KT – Stirrer

Details Dispersion tool : rotor-stator Brand : IKA – Werke Gmbh & co Model : UTC T 150 Year : 1999 Motor power, standard : 11 kW Motor power, max. 13 kW Viscosity, max. 5000 mPas Modification made by our team: Installation of a new sealing shaft (from manufacturer), see photo.

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EKATO FLUID - Mobile agitator
Sold: not available

EKATO FLUID – Mobile stirrer

– Mobile stirrer unit on 4 wheels – Pressure control actuator: Safety shutdown / motor stop in high position – 4 agitation heads – ATEX equipment: Eexe II T3 – Variable mixing speed: 465 – 2800 1/min – Power 0.55 kW – 230/400 V

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Laboratory and industrial stirrer

Industrial stirrers and overhead stirrers for laboratory are used in industries manufacturing a product by synthesis or mixing. This equipment can be found in the chemical, food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics industries, etc…

Agitation is achieved by bringing the final phase into motion. The mass can be composed of different substances. The purpose of the operation is then to homogenise it or to connect reagents in order to make them react more efficiently. Otherwise, the mass may already be homogeneous and the stirring operation enables a heat transfer or a maintenance of solid particles in suspension.

The choice of agitator depends on the phases to be stirred (single phase or multi-phase): liquid, solid or gaseous. Depending on the type of phase and the viscosity of the mixture, the agitator can be called by different names: mixer, stirrer, kneader, etc.

How a stirrer works?

There are different types of mixers and stirrers available on the market: mechanical, static, rotating tank, by propulsion of a jet of liquid thanks to a pump, generated by a gas.

Liquid agitators can be located vertically from the top, horizontally and more rarely on the bottom of the tank.

An agitator is composed of a motorisation, a shaft guide mechanism, a shaft and an agitator device. Made of stainless steel (inox), agitators are essential for the production of finished products in many industrial sectors.

In the chemical industry, tanks / vessels / blenders with agitators are used in the production of liquid, pasty or viscous products.

In the paper sector, where the quality of the paste and its homogenisation directly determine the quality of the finished product, the conception of suitable tanks is a real necessity.

In the food industry, for example, tanks are essential for the manufacture of dairy products, alcohols, fruit juices, etc. The mixing stage is performed by avoiding any alteration in the texture or quality of the ingredients.

In the animal feed industry, the objective is to ensure that the balance of the product mix is well respected.

The different agitator shaft and device

Axial flow impellers

  • Classic / three-blade propeller
  • Marine propeller
  • Double flow propeller
  • Pitch blade turbines

Note: these impellers, more commonly known as propellers, create an axial flow in the tank. Propellers are generally used to homogenise mixtures with low to medium viscosity. They are used for suspending solids, for crystallisation or for creating liquid-liquid dispersion.

Radial flow impellers

  • Rushton disc turbine
  • Dispersion / dissolution disc (liquid/solid)
  • Flat blades no disc turbine
  • Rotor / stator for emulsion

Note: These impellers are more simply called turbines. They are used in processes such as fermentation, gas-liquid chemical reactions or in the manufacture of emulsions (liquid/liquid).

Tangential flow impellers

  • Barriers impellers
  • Anchor with or without scrapers impellers
  • Helical tapes and screws impellers