IKA RT 150 KT – Turbo stirrer

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Explosion proof motor 3 KW (ADF / ATEX: EExdellCT4)
2870 rpm
IP 55
Turbine D.125
Volume, max. with H2O): 5000 l
Viscosity, max. 15000 mPas
Process pressure (max.) 0 bar
Vacuum, max. 100 mbar
Process temperature, max. 120 °C
Mixing tools Propeller
Motor power, standard 3 kW
Shaft size D.40 X L.1000
Weight approx. 42 kg

New sealing cartridge installed (seals, …)

The IKA ROTOTRON® RT is an all-purpose jet-flow agitator used for homogenizing, dispersing, suspending, emulsifying, aerating, dissolving and improvement of heat transfer. The RT is most effectively used for tasks ranging between that of a conventional stirring machine and a dispersing machine with a rotor-stator system.