Fristam FSPE 3532/175D – Shear pump

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Manufacturer: Fristam Fristam

Model: FSPE 3532/175D

Year : 2015

Quantity available : 2 (sold individually)

Type : Rotary homogeniser (Shearpump)

Application : Pump + emulsion, mixing, homogenisation

Mixing tool: turbine + toothed rotor / stator

Rotor diameter: 175 mm

Materials: stainless steel

Speed: 2900 rpm

Maximum viscosity: 100,000 centipoise (cps) (according to information supplied by the manufacturer)

Shear rate up to 125,000 1/s (according to information supplied by the manufacturer)

Power: 18.5 kW

Documentation available


Available options – Powder Mixer (PM): Optimum mixing and dispersion of powders combined with Fristam FZ 20 PM D – Self-priming pump (# 12060)