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GEA Ariete NS3110H - High pressure homogeniser

GEA Ariete NS3110H – High pressure homogeniser

Technical details Manufacturer: GEA Niro Soavi Model: Ariete NS3110H Type: Piston homogenizer Viscosity : < 500 cP Maximum particle size: up to 500 microns Operating temperature: < 90°C Execution : Sanitary / aseptic Max. capacity: approx. 15,000 L/h (variable capacity from 5,500 to 15,000 L/h) Flow rate: variable / fixed / multiple Maximum working pressure: 200 bar Maximum back pressure:

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Pierre Guerin ALM - 3 piston homogeniser
Sold: not available

Pierre Guerin ALM 4 – 3 piston homogeniser

– Stainless steel hopper – Capacity: 1000 l/h – 85 bars – Body and chamber with three stainless steel pistons – Fittings d.25 – Piston type 180 – Stainless steel tank d.500 x 500 with lid – 4 kW motor – Wheel frame – Disassembly tool available.

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